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Tired of the limited customization that iOS offers regarding wallpapers? If you are like the millions of iPhone users who love to personalize their iPhone home screen with amazing live wallpaper, 4k wallpaper, anime wallpapers, and cool backgrounds, then you should download Live Wallpaper 3D for iPhone; the best wallpaper app for iPhone. With tons of cool wallpapers and continuously updated items via the internet, your iPhone will never look the same again!

How Live Wallpaper Transforms Your iPhone Screen

With live wallpaper, you can bring your iPhone home screen straight to life! Our Live 3D wallpaper app explores new dimensions and possibilities for your iPhone with free retro wallpaper themes and colorful backgrounds. It can turn your screen saver and lock screen into a live wallpaper. With  100+ cool wallpapers and counting, enjoy a vibrant and unique experience.

HD and Animated Cool Wallpaper

Enjoy animated wallpapers in full HD and 4K

Our wallpaper app offers you a variety of trendy animated wallpapers. From your favorite Japanese anime series to your favorite games like Batman, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Wallpapers are available in full HD, retina HD, and 4K live wallpaper resolutions. Stare in awe with fancy wallpapers and cool backgrounds that are available through our app. Let unique gaming characters emerge on your screen & enhance your iPhone’s user experience.


You cannot find the 4k live anime wallpaper for iPhone on our app. But you will get animated art wallpapers. Moreover, this Live Wallpaper 3D app will offer 3d, abstract, animal, Christmas, prank, city, funny, flower, fortunate nature, sunset wallpapers. They all come up with HD mode. You can also get tons of live wallpapers under different categories.

New Wallpaper Selections Every Week

Stay up to date with weekly wallpaper selections

With trends and fashion moving at rapid speeds in today’s world, our app is constantly updating with new and trendy wallpapers. Simply search the browser section for the trendy wallpapers, and genres. The library refreshes with the latest blockbuster movies, and popular games wallpapers every week. Also, choose from unique themes that include natural, calligraphic, retro, as well as abstract themes. If Live wallpapers are your thing, then easily create live wallpapers with a few taps on the app.

Make a List of Favorites And Preview Wallpapers

Make a list of favorite wallpapers

Easily access all the live wallpapers by selecting your wallpaper of choice and pinning it as a favorite. No more having to scroll through the same options just to look for one that matches your tastes. Try the quick preview function with the eye feature on the Live 3D wallpaper app. It helps you choose the right wallpaper, without having to finalize and apply it to your home screen or lock screen. This will save you time and the constant hassle of re-applying different wallpapers every time.

Make 4K live anime wallpaper on your iPhone using the wallpaper maker feature

4k live anime wallpaper on your iPhone home screen and lock screen will enhance the look of your iPhone. You can depict your love for anime. It isn’t easy to find live anime wallpapers on your iPhone. You cannot get the anime wallpapers on all the wallpaper apps for iPhone. We have a blog on 10 best live wallpaper apps for iPhone where you can find some apps that provide 4k live anime wallpapers. Using the Live Wallpaper 3D app for iPhone, you can create HD live anime wallpapers using some easy steps. Apart from that, you can also make moving wallpapers for your iPhone

How to create live anime wallpapers on iPhone using the Live Wallpaper 3D app for iPhone

How to create live anime wallpapers on iPhone using the Live Wallpaper 3D app for iPhone

Here are some easy steps that you can follow to create live anime wallpapers on your iPhone. Before making the live anime wallpaper, download an anime video that you want to make as your live wallpaper.

  • Install the Live Wallpaper 3D app for iPhone
  • Go to the maker by tapping on the maker in the bottom navigation
  • Tap on the new live paper section
  • Select an anime video that you want to set as your home screen and lock screen wallpaper
  • Tap on the use the anime video
  • Trim the anime video
  • Tap on the “Create live wallpaper” button

Closing Statements

Many resort to a live wallpaper app. The reason might be, iOS limits its personalization capabilities. Why let your iPhone home screen stay bland and generic? The 3D Live Wallpaper app transforms your iPhone with unlimited creativity. Show off to your friends all the cool wallpapers based on trendy themes. Therefore, next time you unlock your iPhone, be amazed by how colorful and fabulous your iPhone screen can look.

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