Why Do I Need to Hide My IP Address with a VPN?

Article By: admin - March 28, 2021
Stay anonymous by using the fastest VPN

Before Getting Started

While surfing the web, you’re constantly running through the risk of exposing sensitive information to the world. In fact, your privacy will always remain on the brink of jeopardy unless you hide your IP address. But what if we tell you that we’ve developed a perfect solution to safeguard your personal data?

Yes, you got it right! VPN for iPhone provides you the exact thing you need in this ever-progressive era – a safe passage through the internet. Whether it is about ensuring security or protecting privacy, our iOS app lets you do so and even more by reliably hiding your IP address.


Hiding IP addresses through VPN may violate laws. We published this blog only for educational purposes. We believe that you will not violate any policy or law. If you do so, it will be your sole responsibility. Moreover, please check your local laws before proceeding.

So, what is an IP address anyway?

To begin with, IP(Internet Protocol) address is a string of unique numbers, dots, or letters assigned by your Internet Service Provider(ISP). Think of it simply as your personal ID card or your household address. To contact you & for sending a message, people need to know your address first, right?

Similarly, all the servers worldwide need to know your IP address. Otherwise, they can’t send back the data you ask for when browsing through the net. What it essentially means is that you can’t connect to the internet without using an IP address. Because the server simply won’t know where to send back the information.


Also, your IP address is always public. After a quick search on Google of “what is my IP address,” you’ll come to notice your IP address. Because it is public, you receive the result of the searches you request. And that includes all the weird, awkward inquiries you do online. (Hey! We aren’t judging.)


An IP address can give away practically every piece of information about you. Starting from the country, region to city, zip code, IP address even holds sensitive information about your complete online activity. And if it ever gets exposed, everything about you gets exposed as well to the whole world.

What does it exactly mean to hide my IP address?

Remember how we were just talking about the bizarre & somewhat embarrassing inquiries we frequently make on search engines? Clearly, you don’t want anybody else to find out about those search results, correct?


The thing is, if you don’t hide your IP address during your online activities, you always run the risk of getting your data leaked. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The basic notion is that everyone out there can spoof out your IP to obtain valuable information about you & your online habits. Every time you are accessing the web & various other websites, you are actually leaving tracks. Even your ISP can track your IP address to check your activities & sell the data they have gathered. Scary, isn’t it?


And that’s precisely why you need to hide the IP address to cover your tracks. When you use a Virtual Private Network(VPN) proxy to become anonymous, websites & other services will see the public IP of the VPN instead. They won’t be able to figure out your IP address anymore. Hence, it will become impossible for anyone to spy on you.


And you don’t need to worry about how to use a VPN on iPhone. It’s pretty simple.

Hide IP address to protect your identity

One of the significant benefits of using a VPN comes from regaining the anonymity you lose when deep-diving into the internet world. It’s incredibly easy to trace back to a single user’s identity when someone connects with the internet. That’s because of how the person’s device has that unique public IP address.


Companies can exploit these kinds of situations by using the data they gain from a user’s behavior. Undoubtedly, you wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that someone might be aware of your browsing history & the kind of stuff you are into. VPNs that use advanced encryption & security profiles are a safe bet to mask your footprints while being online. Surf the net without any worries!


Conceal your location by hiding the IP address

Alongside the user’s identity, an IP address is very much capable of revealing your location as well. If your public IP address gets leaked or known by some people, they can easily track your position. Indeed, an IP doesn’t fully reveal your address, but someone experienced may still find out about your exact location from it. Why take the chance in the first place?


VPN allows you to virtually connect to a different server from all around the world. The proxy server you are connected to has a different IP, which is not yours. Therefore, it practically shields you from revealing your location. Pretty handy, I would admit.

Hide location effortless with a VPN

Secure freedom by using a VPN

Every time you browse online, you leave digital footprints that the websites & advertisers can track. In earnest, you feed them data on a regular basis through which they control your online


Your own ISP should be responsible for safeguarding your security & data. But even they sell it to the advertising companies. Have you ever wondered why advertisements of particular products pop up just after searching for them on Google? Or in other different stores? Furthermore, the government can use your IP address to block or censor contents & web activity.


A good VPN will help you take back the freedom you lost & let you breeze through online without any worries. Be it government surveillance or any sort of censorship, strong VPN encryption will protect you from the prying eyes of the government for good.


Hide IP & browse anonymously with VPN for iPhone & iPad

There are indeed many ways to hide your IP address, including proxy servers & Tor browser usage. But the fastest way to do it from your iPhone or iPad is by using a reliable VPN app.


We’re very much aware that this era has almost lost the meaning of privacy. Nevertheless, we can’t just sit back & do nothing while our information keeps getting stolen. Hence, our VPN app for iOS relentlessly works toward protecting your essential information by establishing a secured & encrypted connection.


Just open the app & browse without any worries after connecting to the most optimal server. VPN has multiple servers for you to connect, giving you more flexibility & options. Undoubtedly, there’s just no alternative to secure your online privacy other than using apps like VPN.


And, why shouldn’t you use it? Cybersecurity is a growing concern as the percentage of hacking keeps rising consistently. Multi-factor authentication & strong encryption is the next best defense against hacking.


Online banking is the new craze. Who goes to a bank or ATM nowadays when you can complete all of your transactions online? Through a VPN service, you can make sure that your valuable banking information stays safe & secured.


It occurs more than often where a TV show or movie that you want to watch isn’t available in your region. Does that mean you should give up watching your favorite entertainment? By hiding your IP address, you can bypass any geo-restriction & enjoy any shows you desire.

Wrapping things up

VPN has become a tool of utmost necessity in the era where everything is getting governed through the internet. Imagine browsing through the web without having to worry about your security & privacy? Thankfully, our VPN app, designed for both iPhone & iPad, will finally let you exercise your rights of privacy.

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