Blur Photo Background with Blur Photo Editor App

Blur Photo Editor for iPhone & iPad

Did photo bomb ruin your favorite snapshot? Want to smudge someone or something off from your image that has ravaged the whole picture mood? Wish to add up some exciting bokeh effect to your fabulous selfie? Well, all you need is the Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad.


This powerful Blur Photo Editor iOS app adds up professional blur effects or special touch to your photos and keeps them natural and eye-pleasing. You also get an integrated and effective image editing option that gives you plenty of opportunities to retouch the snapshot you just took with your iPhone.

Core Functionality

Library of Blurring effects

Impressive Library of Blur Effects

Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad is highly appreciated in the market for its photo blurring features.

With that saying so, this specialized app features a bunch of exciting functionalities. Using Blur, you can:

  • Calibrate between the blur and un-blur image background and even any particular area of your photo.
  • It integrates a magnifying tool to zoom in or out the focused area while editing.
  • Tweak between blur radius, blur intensity, and blur shapes.
  • You can choose between numerous blurring options & catalogs under Basic, Crystal, Distortion, Paint, and Water mode

150+ Photo Filters

The Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad does not only focuses on blur features. It also offers some of the other exclusive photo enhancement and modification options that truly uplift your photos.

  • Blur comes readily with more than 150 exquisite filters, among which you can choose the perfect one that uplifts your photo.
  • Each of these photo masking options garages distinct filter categories.
photo filter effects of Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad
All-in-one Photo Blurring Tool

An Integrated Photo Editor

  • It is an all-in-one photo editing and beautifying tool for your iPhone.
  • Each of the photo editing and tweaking option is effective and fully functional.
  • You get a feedback section where you can upload your user experiences and suggestions if you have any.
  • Rest assure that Blur will have premium photo enhancing options for you.

Convenient Sharing

Blur app features a bunch of exciting functionalities. It is fun and easy to use. Once installed on your iPhone, you have to:


  • Select an image from the iPhone gallery.
  • You have large numbers of significant blurring effects and photo filters to apply to your photo.
  • Use various toggle keys and magnifying tools to pinpoint the blur effect area.
  • Use advanced photo utility tools such as undo, redo, brush size, crop, brightness, contrast adjustments, etc.
  • Once done with editing, save and share the image online.
Share Blurred Photo on Social Media Usingt the Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad

App Features

Amazing Bokeh Effects from Blur photo editor

Amazing Bokeh Effects

Multiple attractive blur effects that fade away unwanted entities or background.
150+ Cool Photo Blurring Filters For iPhone

150+ Cool Photo Filters

Get wowing collection of photo filters that drastically blush out from ordinaries.
Convenient Editing Tools

Convenient Editing Tools

Versatile yet easy-to-use photo editing tools can give some extra touch to your favorite snapshots.
Magnifying Tool For Precise Edit

Magnifying Tool for Precise Edit

Photo editing is now more fun and precise with the integrated in-app magnifying tool on screen.
Save In Drive Or Cloud

Save on Cloud or Drive

You can save your edited images on the iPhone memory or cloud storage as per your need.
Easy Photo Sharing

Easy Photo Sharing

Once done editing, simply click on the share option to send the image to your friends and family online.

User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

It’s important to blur out sensitive parts of images. I’ve been using a photo blurring app on my iPhone. This app makes it very easy to blur out words of any pictures. I can use the blur photo editor app to smudge sensitive portions like a credit card number

Best rating for iOS apps
Samuel Hanrick

I was looking for a good photo blurring app for my iPhone. So that I could blur out words from pictures before I post them online. I used this blur photo editor app to censor sensitive information from my snaps. This app is the best blur picture editing app, and I highly recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Mark Miller

I’ve been using this photo editor app for a while now & it’s so much fun. It’s perfect for blurring the background of my portraits & selfies. There are tons of cool blurry effects for me to use as well. I recommend it!

Best rating for iOS apps
Michael Robinson

When I downloaded the app, I had been looking for an effective background remover to edit photos before posting them online. This Blur Photo Editor delivered with excellent blur tools, effect brushes, and extensive filter presets. A real package.

Best rating for iOS apps
Albert Prichard

This blur photo editor app is truly effective. It can smudge unwanteds from images and offer tools for editing photos. Adding the bokeh effect is even easier with its background remover option. Additionally, appreciate the photo filter options. Kudos to the makers.

Best rating for iOS apps
Patrick Béraud

Try Blur Photo Plus

Premium Features of Blur Photo Editor iPhone App

Blur Photo Editor Premium

    • Useful magnifying tool for precise photo editing
    • Integrated edit options for image cropping, rotating, and color tuning
    • Access to 150+ attractive photo effects
    • A comprehensive collection of bokeh filters for images
    • Enjoy convenient image-saving options on the local drive or cloud storage
    • Share photos to friends online as soon as it is ready

Frequently Asked

How to pixelate an image using Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad?
For the photo pixelate option or image blurring functionality, you first have to start the Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad on your device. Next, select the image you want to pixelate. Apply various blur modes, such as basic, Glass, Distortion, Paint, and Water. Under each of these modes, you will get multiple blur styles that you can implement on your chosen photo. You will also get a calibration bar to set the blurring intensity. Along with all those options, you also get integrated blur, unblur, invert options. For making the blur functionalities more effective and precise, you will encounter a brush size adjustment tool and a dynamic magnifying tool when working on it.
Is Blur tool good for image editing?
Indeed, it is. Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad is a convenient photo editing tool that can give you access to all the basic photo tweaking activities you can get in other photo editing apps. For instance, if your image needs extra brightness or sharpness or if the photo needs to be cropped down and needs some additional retouches, the Blur tool section has it all.
Can I fade background of my snapshot using this Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad?
Yes, you can, that is also with efficiency. Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad is a specialized app for smudging and pixelating the background of your photo. The app even has an integrated magnifying tool that facilitates focused fading functionalities. This app has six modes for blurring photo backgrounds or blurring faces in photos. Each contains several photo blurring options that can fade the needed area of your image, keeping the aesthetic feel of the picture.
Does mosaic censor work for blurring the credit card info and hiding face?
Blur is one of the best object-focused blurring apps out there. It is excellent in hiding sensitive objects or entities from the photos, and that also just a few clicks and tweaks apart. You can use this mosaic censor or typical blurring option to blur away anything you wish to hide from others. So, you can work with full throttle in this app if you want some sensitive entities to go just poof!
I want to face blur some of the people in a group photo. Is it possible with this Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad?
Yes, the face blur option is dynamic in Blur. So, whether you want to blur the entire photo or specifically an individual entity or person in an image is all up to you. Blur can handle all of those with ease. You can even put special textured blur effects on the desired area of the picture using this photo editing and enhancing app.

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