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About Blur Video Background App For iPhone

Blur Video Background is the simplest app to blur faces in videos, hide moving objects, and censor films right on your iPhone. Featuring different blur shapes, blur video effects and filters, video keyframes, and more, this is easily the best of free blur video editing apps for iPhone in the market.


Wondering how to blur background in a video you shot with your iPhone? Need to hide some unwanted object or a person? Here’s your answer! The Blur Video Background app lets you easily obscure any part of a video clip. Whether it’s something you caught accidentally or something you decided to remove in your final project, you can utilize the free background remover that comes with the package.


Easily blur out moving objects in a live video to censor personal content. Now you can apply a censor bar with different implications in a video. So don’t worry about how to blur license plate or blurring faces in videos on your iPhone. Use this video blurring app’s keyframe feature to lock your blur effect on an object in motion.

  • Choose from the rectangle and radial blur shapes
  • Blur video effects like Gaussian and Pixelate.
  • Adjustable blur tool for any situations
  • Video keyframe to blur moving objects in films
  • Blur background filters
  • Export as HD, FHD, or 4K

Core Functionality

Blur Background in Videos

Blur Background in Videos

Blur out parts of a video with the amazing blurry video app and personalize a movie clip on your own. Whether for professional vlogging or to capture a family gathering, post-production is common for videos. Unnecessary and unwanted portions in a clip have the potential to ruin your best moments. With the Blur Video Background app, you can easily remove the background in a video or hide specific parts. It offers both rectangle and circle blur shapes which you can adjust to make a suitable blur tool. Then resize the way you want and add blur to videos to create the perfect content.
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Blur Face in a Video

Need to remove an unwanted person’s face from your clip? Explore how to blur faces in videos for free with the Blur Video Background app. Featuring Gaussian blur, Pixelate blur, and more, this face blurring app makes it effortless to hide accidental or unnecessary presence in videos clips. For instance, learn how to pixelate a video using the Pixelate Blur tool and obscure anything or anyone. Simple face touch blur in enough to successfully fade undesired appearances in your iPhone video clips.
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Blur Face in a Video
Blur Out Moving Objects in video

Blur Out Moving Objects

This video blur editor app enables your iPhone to blur moving faces in a video or fade a moving object. The video keyframe feature is super effective as soon as you apply. Just point out the desired section of a video you want to blur, and it will do the rest. For instance, blur the license plate of a moving car on your iPhone or hide a person’s appearance as your video plays on. Create perfectly personalized movies directly from your iPhone and remove unwanted portions easily with this blur video editor app.
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Tons of Video Filters

Blur Video Background app offers numerous free video filters that can change the whole appearance of your films. Ranging from Vignette, Fade, Sepia to Black & White, Vibrance, Matrix, and more, you have the option to decorate your videos the way you want. Choose cinematic filters to create a film, apply various effects to try out all the possibilities. And unlike other apps to blur part of a video online for free, it has all the export quality options. So you can choose from standard 480p to even 4K resolution for your videos.
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Tons of Video Filters

App Features

Create Blurred Video Backgrounds

Easily hide unwanted parts of a video through the background blurring feature.

Blur Moving Things

Add blur to a video and continue with the censor bar to hide any parts of a moving object seamlessly.

Blur Unwanted Face

Took a group selfie, and now you want to remove someone? Easy! Pixelate an image and blur face in videos effortlessly.

Numerous Blur Video Effects

Refine your films with the most cinematic filters this app offers— and change the vibe completely.

Export in HD, Full HD, or 4K!

When it comes to video resolution, we’re all about flexibility. Save HD to 4K quality videos for every purpose.

Share with the Audience

You’re able to share your blurred background videos directly from the app to all social media platforms and more.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I like to capture every family occasion on my iPhone. It’s almost a hobby to me. This Blur Video Background app made the whole video capturing thing more fascinating. Different bokeh effects on videos of this app work perfectly. I have also used its video filters, and they are pretty convincing.

Best rating for iOS apps
Henry Brown

I have used many blur photo apps but haven’t seen too many blur video background apps that work well as this one does. It has a super clean user interface and conceals people and objects in the backdrop of my videos with ease. This blur video app has come in clutch for me in both my personal and professional life. It’s a must-have for any video editor that truly appreciates a good bokeh effect in their productions.

Best rating for iOS apps
Trevor Sizemore

I’ve been looking for a good video blur app for ages until I found this amazing application. Most of the apps only blur parts of a video and remains static, but this Blur Video Background app can blur out moving objects as well. Incredibly useful if you know how to utilize its Video Keyframe feature.

Best rating for iOS apps
Ruby McLeish

As a small-time freelance journalist, I often need to capture videos with my iPhone. And before submitting those videos to a news site, I had to ensure that sensitive parts on the clips were blurred. For this, I started using this Blur Video Background app, and it has served me well since. What I like most about this app is how easy it was to work with. The app’s UI is very clean, and the steps to blur your videos were very straightforward. And the most amazing thing is the app is completely free. You don’t have to pay a dime to install or use any of its features. I would highly recommend this app.

Best rating for iOS apps
William Callaway

Blur Video Background is an excellent app to create stunning background blur effects in videos. I was surprised by its capability to blur several moving objects in a single video. It also contains some basic editing options like background filters to give your films a cinematic look. Not to mention this app is entirely free to use!

Best rating for iOS apps
Ethan Drake

Free Features of Blur Video Background App

Free blur video background app for iPhone

Free Features

  • Blur out parts of a video with adjustable blur tools
  • Remove unwanted face or object with Gaussian or Pixelate blur
  • Adjust and change blur strength as necessary
  • Video Keyframe tool for blurring objects in video
  • Unlock an extensive collection of blur filters
  • Export video files in Full HD and 4K
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Frequently Asked

How to blur the background of a video?
Install the Blur Video Background app and launch it. Once it accesses your iPhone Library, choose the video you want to edit. Next, select a blurring shape from either rectangle or circular, and apply it to the background of the video. Resize and adjust as necessary, apply multiple times to cover the background, and then Export to save.
How to blur a face in a video with iPhone?
The Blur Video Background app makes it easy to blur faces in videos, even moving faces as well. Simply open the app and choose your video from the iPhone Library. Then select a blur shape to apply on the face you want to blur. If the face is moving out of the blur path, tap on Keyframe at the bottom and reposition your blurred area as necessary.
How to blur part of a video on iPhone with the Blur Video Background app?
Learning how to blur out part of a video is simple once you have the Blur Video Background app installed. Open the app and choose your desired blur according to the portion you want to hide. Apply it and resize to easily blur out parts of your video using just your iPhone.
How to blur a license plate in a video on iPhone?
Install and open the Blur Video Background on your iPhone. Then select the video with the vehicle. Choose a rectangle blur shape and drag it to apply on the license plate of the vehicle. Next, drag the video timeline slowly until the number plate comes out of the blurred area. Then hit Keyframe at the bottom menu, reposition your blur over the license plate, then repeat the process until the end of the video. This will blur and hide the license plate throughout the entire video playback.

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