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About Business Card Scanner HD App for iPhone

Business Card Scanner HD converts your iPhone into a digital phonebook of business contacts. Even though everything is leaning more towards online nowadays, simple business cards are still the preferred and practical way of sharing contact information in a professional environment. But, now you can keep track of all your work-life connections with the straightforward business ID scanner app and read business cards anytime you want.


With this app, you can scan an unlimited number of cards by just pointing the camera towards it. It’s essentially a business card scanner app for iPhone that also stores and saves the cards data on your device. You can manually edit information, manage, and sort the contacts according to your convenience. Its text scanner feature can interpret any written text on the cards using OCR technology, whether it’s a name, designation, company information, mobile phone number, and etc.


The app also features an in-app call, message, and email function for the saved contacts. Meaning once you scan with iPhone to read the contents of a business card and save it, you can access the contact through the scan app and call the phone number on the business card directly from the application. You can even go to any mentioned website of the card, share the collected details with peers, and email as needed, making it the best scanner app for business cards.

Core Functionality

iPhone Business Card Scanning App

Scan and Save Business Cards

The app’s primary feature is reading the contents of a business card using the iPhone’s camera. The Card scanner app uses an advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system to analyze and convert textual content into virtual information. The lightning-fast scanning app’s feature is super easy to use and doesn’t even require any buttons. No need to wonder anymore about how to scan with iPhone. Just open the app and point your card within the designated frame of the camera. It will bring up the data on your screen in seconds.
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Manage and Edit Contacts

Business Card Scanner HD lets users edit any scanned card after saving it on the device. You can manually input numbers and texts to fields in order to modify updated information of cards with ease. It’s also an effective business card organizer for all your contacts. List your business relationships according to priority, importance, events, and any way suitable. Simply scan on your iPhone camera to save, and you’re ready to organize as you like. You can tag several names such as “favorites” to make it easier to find them.
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Edit scanned card's information
in-app call and email system

In-app Call and Email Function

This mobile card scanner app comes with many useful features built-in. It has an in-app call and email system where you can call a number or send mail directly from the app. All you need is to scan and save a business card’s information. The Business Card app also acquires data of given locations and web links of the scanned items as well. In essence, you can go to the business website, search location on the map, call, email, and share, all within one app.
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Scan QRcode Business Cards

Business Card Scanner HD can also read QR codes on business cards and anywhere needed. It scans QR codes on business cards to detect the machine-readable content inside and save it on your iPhone instantly. Scanning business cards may not always bring up all the information since cards often come with QR codes to encode details. Not to worry, this versatile card reader for iPhone will interpret QR codes just like it does reading cards and shows all the contained information.
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Scan Business Card by encoding QRcode on iPhone

App Features

Scan to Collect Card Info

Scan to Collect Card Info

Simply scan to save the hassle of keeping hundreds of business cards in your pockets.
Pre-defined Fields For iPhone


No need to manually save contact details. This business card scanner will locate dedicated fields and sort them in order for you.
Update as Necessary

Update as

You control all information as the business card scanner app allows you to edit, update, and manage your contact list based on your needs.
Built-in Call & Email Contacts on iPhone

Built-in Call & Email

Call your business contacts or send a quick email directly from the app to assist you in your busy schedules.
Audio Visualizations

Scan QR Code

Point and read QR codes on a business card with the built-in QR code reader and save the readable information on your iPhone.
Share with Peers

Share with Peers

Use the in-app feature to share scanned business cards amongst co-workers and peers through both AirDrop and other relevant apps.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I desperately needed a business card scanner app for my iPhone. As a salesman, a mobile scanner is often used. This card reader scans any card and saves it to my contact list plus organizes them. I can also easily share my contacts with others.

Best rating for iOS apps
Paul Harris

As an HR manager, it was supremely helpful to use this business card scanner app to save and manage all those business cards. You know how it gets, meeting all types of professionals. A highly recommended business card reader for business parsons.

Best rating for iOS apps
Valerie Tucker

Carrying bundles of business cards is not my thing. This business card scanner app seemed to be a smarter way. This business card reader app is brilliant. It has a mobile scanner to scan paper cards, store and organize them for future reference.

Best rating for iOS apps
Martha Agada

This is by far the best business card scanner app I’ve used. I loved it. It can quickly and accurately scan your business card details and save them to contacts. Another amazing feature is it can read QR codes on business cards. I really recommend that you all use this app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Alfie Williams

This business card scanner app right here is a life hack app. I usually have tons of business cards with me & it’s a hassle. The mobile scanner app has helped me go paperless & all the scanned cards are now neatly organized. Love it!

Best rating for iOS apps
Kyle Cox

Premium Features of Business Card Scanner HD

Business Card Scanner HD App Premium Features

Premium Features

  • Scan business IDs on the go & get rid of unnecessary cards
  • Save instantly on the device and keep it’s history
  • Edit, update and organize information at will
  • Call numbers on business cards directly from the app
  • Send an email, access respected links, and share with fellow workers
  • In-built QR code feature
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Frequently Asked

Can you scan business cards on your iPhone?
Yes. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, some scanner apps can read textual contents on a document and transform them into digital content. Business Card Scanner HD comes with an advanced OCR feature that can accurately scan and save visiting cards on your iPhone. You can further edit the business card information and update it when needed.
What is the best business card reader for iPhone?
The best business card reader app must feature precision and a range of useful components. Business Card Scanner HD reads card data instantly and accurately, saves the acquired info automatically on your iPhone, and organizes it into pre-defined fields. What’s more, you can update mobile numbers, addresses, and anything on the cards, making it clearly the best bet among similar apps.
How do I scan business cards into iPhone contacts?
Open the Business Card Scanner app and place the card within your camera frame. It will instantly scan any contact info in reference and save them as your iPhone contacts. You can directly access your connections anytime you want via the mobile app, edit them, and even call the saved numbers straight from the application.
Can you edit the numbers and information of a business card?
Yes, but digitally and in a more fun way. To make the information editable, first, scan business cards using our app to save the data within your iPhone. Business Card Scanner HD uses OCR technology to read card data without error. Once done, access the numbers and information directly from the app to edit and update as necessary.
How do I organize my business cards?
You can delegate the task of organizing business cards to the best business card scanner app ever. Scan unlimited cards, save them on your iPhone and organize at will. Select favorites, personalize contacts, arrange them the way you want with Business Card Scanner HD app and pace your business communications more efficiently.

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