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About Call Blocker App for iPhone

Call Blocker for iPhone is an efficient call blocking app designed to protect its user from all types of unwanted phone calls. Detect & block each & every suspicious kind of phone number & stay one step ahead of the scammers & spoofers with the help of this call blocking app. When you don’t recognize a number and wonder who called me, often they turn out to be wrong numbers, telemarketers, or just robocalls with pre-recorded messages. Some are recognizable as false ones right away, but there are some scam numbers where you can’t tell the difference.


Regardless, if you are looking to filter the calls you receive on your iPhone, this app is the ultimate solution. With the Call Blocker for iPhone, you can stop any unwanted caller from reaching you and ringing your phone. Promotional offers from salespersons and robocallers are also a common incident that occurs regularly. You can block and report spam calls deemed unnecessary using this useful application. And in doing so, you can eventually reduce random phone calls entering your iPhone.


It’s easy to add numbers to the block list and spam list with Call Blocker for iPhone. Just navigate to your contacts from the app to add individuals and check the list directly to block or unblock a number. You can also create your personal list with categorized filters like robocaller, telemarketer, survey, spam, missed calls, and more. Download the app and never worry about unsolicited calls ever again.

Core Functionality

Block unwanted calls on iPhone

Block Any Unwanted Caller

Call Blocker for iPhone enables your device to block any unwanted calls. Put a stop to an unlimited number of calls using this app simply by adding them to the blacklist. So there’s literally no limit to choosing who you want to let through or not; this call blocker app will take care of it all. No more of those annoying interruptions during business meetings, study sessions, seminars, or even watching movies in your leisure time; cease the access of unasked phone rings at will.
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Block & Unblock Directly from Contact

Block contacts by directly accessing your list of numbers on your iPhone using this app. You’re getting repeated mystery calls, robocalls, wrong numbers, and wondering how to block a phone number? We’ve been there, and we’ve solved the issue almost effortlessly with Call Blocker for iPhone.


Simply launch the app and turn on the call blocking feature from your phone setting as directed. That’s it, and you’re ready to block numbers to the list as well as remove blocked numbers from the list.

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Block or unblock calls from contact list
Spam list checking on iPhone

Organized Spam List

Call Blocker for iPhone has a sorting option where you can add the scam phone numbers. Spam calls are one of the most common arts for vexing someone, and we’ve all endured this one time or another.


There are tons of known spams like fraud risk calls, telemarketing calls, recorded robot calls telling you to buy stuff. With this app, you can quickly identify these types of numbers and add them to your spam list in distinctive groups like robocaller, survey, fraud, prank, threats, and more.

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Spam Call Alert

Call Blocker for iPhone uses a database of spam and fraud numbers to warn you in advance. Remember when you added those scammers to your list in order to block them? People who use this kind of call filter app do the same stuff, and all their added numbers end up in a directory.


It’s a great way to avoid annoyance even before it happens and stop receiving robocalls in the process. Tagged numbers also help to stop telemarketer’s calls as the app warns you about potential spam ahead.

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Spam call alert on iPhone

App Features

Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone

Unwanted Calls

Prevent people from calling anonymously by stopping unwanted calls any time at any day by simply adding them from the app.
Stop Spam and Robo Calls On Your iPhone

Spam Calls

Add spam calls to the restricted list and reduce the number of spamming efficiently by up to 99%.
Block and Unblock Contact

Block and
Unblock Contact

Block or unblock a contact directly from the app by accessing your phone numbers list
Personal Spam List On iPhone

Spam List

Organize your own list of spammers with relevant categories to sort them with ease.
Fraud Call Alert

Fraud Call

Get prior alert and avoid receiving calls from individuals using caller id spoofing apps to hide identity.
Large Database of Blacklisted Numbers

Large Database of Blacklisted Numbers

Know your spammers and stop them before reaching you with the help of an extensive database list of scam numbers.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

With many spam callers today, this call block app is necessary. I was able to report spam calls and create a spam list to add a number to the no call list. The caller id function was great. Whenever a scam call came in, I was instantly notified.

Best rating for iOS apps
Gary Norman

This call blocker app literally saved me from a daily flood of spam calls, to be honest. My iPhone was getting swamped with telemarketing calls, robocalls, spam text messages so much that I was looking for any way to block a number. A real lifesaver.

Best rating for iOS apps
Robert Durant

When I thought I couldn’t find ways to block those annoying telemarketing & robocalls, I came across this call blocker app. Honestly, it was my best decision to download it. No more disturbance as I’ve put all the unknown numbers into my no call list.

Best rating for iOS apps
Sarah Kurtz

My phone kept ringing with telemarketing and robocalls until I finally downloaded the call blocker app. The number of scam calls decreased tremendously with this app. After so long, I now have my no call list and regained my peace.

Best rating for iOS apps
Michelle Martinez

I was looking for a call blocker app that would stop those annoying telemarketers or robocallers. So, I installed this app, and it was the best decision of my life. I just put any unknown or spam numbers into my blacklist.

Best rating for iOS apps
Kenneth Williamson


Call Blocker for iPhone Premium Features

Premium Features

  • Block unlimited numbers of unwanted calls
  • Directly access your contact list to add or remove a number from the blocklist
  • Add potential spammers to the personal list
  • Arrange the type of scam calls in specific groups for easy sorting
  • Get potential fraud call alerts
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Frequently Asked

Can you block spam phone calls with this app?
Yes. Whenever you receive a spam call, whether you pick up or not, simply go to the history to find the number. Then tap the plus button to add the contact to your spam list. You can see the list of spam numbers from our app and manage anytime you want.
What is the best call blocker app for iPhone?
Call Blocker for iPhone supports both blocking, unblocking, listing, and getting prior alerts of unwanted calls. You can delegate the task of reducing unasked phones and leave your worries to completely depend on this app in terms of unsolicited calls. Therefore, it’s reasonably the best call blocking app for iPhones.
How do I block unwanted calls on my iPhone?
Download and install the Call Blocker for iPhone app. When you receive an unwanted call, e. g. robocalls, frauds, promoters, and such, open our app. From the main screen, tap the +(plus) button to see the list of contacts, find the numbers you want to block, and add them to the blocklist.
How do I stop spam calls automatically?
Install Call Blocker for iPhone to access its extensive database of blacklisted numbers. It uses a reverse phone lookup feature to index and search flagged numbers on the internet. So whenever you receive a call, the app alerts you in advance, blocks a scammer, and essentially stops unknown callers automatically.
How do I get rid of robocalls?
Preventing robocalls is super easy with the Call Blocker for iPhone app. Install this iOS application and allow the necessary permissions to get started. Robocalls are basically pre-recorded robot messages for marketing purposes, informing people of products and services. To get rid of robocalls, add the number to your spam list and mark it under the dedicated “robocaller” category within the app. Prevent robocalls before they make it to you by getting prior alerts.

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