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About Call Recorder App for iPhone

Call Recorder for iPhone is a super convenient utility app that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone. With a simple tap, you can record a call right after its initiation. While Apple doesn’t allow its users to record calls directly on the iPhone, a digital voice recorder app is a solution in this case.


Whether it’s a business conference call, a brainstorming session with project members, or just a personal conversation, you may need the recordings more than often. Call Recorder for iPhone is one of the best voice recording apps available with more than one useful feature. You can record your audio, store them and share it with your associates as needed.


Never lose your voice by using the integrated cloud storage feature and saving all your audios automatically. Unlike most of the store’s basic recording apps, the Call Recorder app stores your recordings on both phone and cloud storage for future use. Along with call recording, you can record voice using this app on your iPhone. It’s easy to tape, save on device and cloud, listen to your recordings at any time using the app’s audio recorder feature. Furthermore, you can also edit your tracks as necessary. Some of the coolest features of Call Recorder for Phone:

  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing call recorder
  • Both voice and sound recorder
  • Save call and voice recordings on the phone
  • Store recordings on the cloud
  • Play and edit recorded tracks
  • Share recordings between devices

Core Functionality

Unlimited voice recorder app for iPhone

Record Unlimited Incoming and Outgoing Calls

If you’ve been wondering how to record a phone call on your iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. You can record as many calls as necessary with this application, both incoming and outgoing ones. Simply install the app and allow the required permissions to start. Whenever you’re in a call, tap the “add call” option from the menu. Through a simple process, the recording will begin in an instance and you’re good to go!
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Record and Save Voice

With the voice recorder feature, you can easily record voices anytime you want. Gone are the days when we had to struggle with recording voices on the phone and saving them. Turn your iPhone into an efficient voice recorder device by simply installing the app. Now it’s easy to tape and preserve unlimited voice tracks on your storage and cloud without having to worry about keeping those conversations and memories safe.
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Free Voice Recorder Feature with Call Recorder for iPhone
Record Call and Store on Cloud

Store on Cloud and Download

Call Recorder for iPhone comes with a free could-storage feature. With this super useful function, it’s easy to store your mobile recordings on the cloud after you record conversations and voices on your iPhone. All your calls and voices are stored in a secure cloud system so you can download them anytime you want, leaving zero chances of losing your files in the future.
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Share and Export

Sharing is caring. It’s the best voice recorder that also operates offline and lets you share your recording instantly after saving them. You can share the files between multiple devices, allowing your companions to listen to you. What’s more, you can export the recorded files throughout your favorite apps, making the Call Recorder for iPhone an absolute convenient app for every use.
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Instantly Share and Export Call Recordings

App Features

Smart Design of Call Recorder App for iPhone


Call Recorder for Phone has a simple yet smart design to make it effortless for its user. You don’t have to look for functions; it’s just there.
Easy To Use - Phone conversation recorder

Easy To

It’s super easy to use and navigate throughout the app. Just install, allow the required permissions, and it’s ready.
Tap A Call To Record on iPhone

Tap A Call To Record

Recording calls has never been more comfortable as Call Recorder for iPhone lets you record conversations with a single tap.
Free Audio Editor

Built-in Audio Editor

You can play your recorded tracks any time and edit as necessary with the app’s audio editor feature.
Share With Friends

Share With

Record voice or call & instantly share your recordings with friends and acquaintances within devices and apps at the same time.
Cloud Backup


Secured cloud storage that comes free with the Call Recorder for iPhone. Backup all your recordings without any worries of storage space.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I wanted to record my important phone calls with a client. With the help of this call recorder app, I was able to record multiple phone conversations smoothly. Also, this app has its own voice recorder. I would strongly advise anyone to use this call recording app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Michael D. Silva

It’s the best audio recording app out there. I used it to record all the phone calls as well as the voiceovers for my online podcast. The call recorder app also has a built-in sound editing tool. In my opinion, this is a must-have app to record phone calls or audio sounds.

Best rating for iOS apps
Ethan Miller

Since call recording is not a feature Apple allows, this call recorder app is an absolute pitch. I was wondering how to record a phone call during one of my business tours and save important meeting recordings; this app turned out to be a lifesaver.

Best rating for iOS apps
Robert Mayes

I needed a call recorder app as Apple doesn’t allow voice recording by default. Fortunately, I came across this app & it covers everything I was looking for. It even lets me edit the recordings & store them on the cloud. Very easy to use. 5 stars!

Best rating for iOS apps
Madison Lambert

After downloading the call recorder app, I had a new sense of security and assurance with most of my phone calls recording. Whether it be to record a prank call or a chat with my dearest, I know with this app I can rewind my phone call.

Best rating for iOS apps
Trevor Nelson

Try Call Recorder Plus

One Click Call Recording Feature

Premium Features

  • Record any incoming and outgoing calls you want.
  • Record voice transmissions using the voice recorder feature.
  • Save recordings on device and cloud storage.
  • Download recordings from the cloud to your smartphone.
  • Edit and trim your tracks with one of the best audio editors.
  • Export recordings with common apps.
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Frequently Asked

Can you record phone calls on your iPhone?
Currently, there are no options in iPhone that allow the users to record phone calls directly. If you really want to record calls with your iPhone, you can’t do it unless you use a third-party app. A recording app for iPhone like Call Recorder is the perfect solution for this problem.
Is there any free call recorder for iPhone?
Yes. Call Recorder for iPhone is free to download through the Apple App Store. It allows the users to record calls on the iPhone with ease. Because Apple hasn’t given iPhone the option to record calls by default, this call recording app is the best bet you’ll come across.
What is the best call recorder app for iPhone?
The best call recorder app is the one that comes with useful and relevant features along with call recording. Call Recorder for iPhone sports almost all the essential functionalities that a recording app should inherently have. Couple it with the exceptional voice recording quality & surely, this is one of the best call recorder apps in the App Store.
How do I audio record on my iPhone?
Recording audio with your iPhone becomes notoriously easy if you use a call recording app. Simply record audio on your iPhone using the Voice Memo feature on Call Recorder for iPhone app. It saves your recording on the device so you can use it later on. You have the option to edit any recorded audio files as well. Unparalleled audio quality & convenient editing capabilities make this one of the best apps to capture audio.
Can I record voice with background music through the app?
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add background music while recording voice through this app. It’s only possible to edit the audio tracks that you’ve recorded. However, this is a feature that we are looking into adding in the future. For now, the only option is to manually add background music with a different app after the recording is done.

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