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About Cleaner for iPhone App

Cleaner for iPhone is an exquisite utility app that optimizes and boosts your iPhone. It deletes duplicate contents that get stored up in the device on regular usage.


Duplicate data and unwanted files often clog down your device storage. Cleaner for iPhone is an exclusive app that is designed to scan, detect, and clear duplicate files effectively.


Parallelly, you need an efficient disk cleanup app to free the storage. Sometimes the duplicate photos or large videos are stored unintentionally, consuming a lot of excess space. The same issue goes for duplicate contacts that make a mess of your iPhone contact list.


We understand the need for an efficient and reliable cleaning app for iPhone. That is why we brought to you the Cleaner for iPhone app; a wide appreciated cleaner to clear iPhone storage and free up device space.

  • Scan iPhone device storage at a lightning-fast speed
  • Delete duplicate photos and clean or merge contacts
  • Dashboard to display device storage space
  • Manual selection and sorting for a large number of files
  • Easy to use and suitable for all kinds of users

Core Functionality

cleaner app for iphone

A fast Cleaner option

Open the Cleaner for iPhone app and tap on the “Fast Clean,” and it will automatically start scanning for all the duplicate files, such as similar images, contacts, etc. The ability to delete bulks of similar images, blurred photos, and large videos makes this one of the most convenient cleaner apps.
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Storage Status Indicator

By observing data in this module, users can determine the needs of scanning and cleaning up a large volume of pictures and videos. Storage stats show the remaining device storage space. Users can observe how much space is left in the device so that they can manage their iPhone storage more efficiently.
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Storage indicator of Cleaner for iPhone App
Organize photos with Cleaner app for iPhone

Organize Photos & Contacts

Assemble photos according to their types. Similar images and screenshots are arranged into different album categories. It’s highly effective in merging duplicate phone contacts. Remove or merge unnecessary contacts and free up storage space.
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Phone Performance Booster

You won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to make your iPhone quicker since the Cleaner for iPhone app makes it simple to erase duplicate photos and unnecessary files from your device. As a result, it prevents your phone from running out of storage space, resulting in improved device performance.
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iPhone speed booster and cache cleanup

App Features

Easy To Use Cleaner App for IPhone

Easy To Use Cleaner

Cleaner App for iPhone is the easiest way to clean your phone. No extra requirements and of course no complicated tricks in functions.
One Tap Navigation

One Tap Navigation

One single tap is enough to open up the app and start performing cleaning operations on your phone.
Duplicate Cleaner App for iPhone

A standby cleaning crew

The Standby cleaning process is ready to run in any condition on your iPhone. This functionality pursues multitasking on your device.
Memory Status Indicator

Storage Status Indicator

Data on storage space consumed by the files can be easily tracked using intuitive in-app storage status indicator.
Keeping Or Deleting

Keeping Or Deleting

It keeps your photo organized and ensures only duplicates are gone; not the images and data that are important to you.
Backup And Merging Duplicate Photos and Contacts on iPhone

Contact Merger

This is a handy app to manage your phone contacts. Using this app, you can merge multiple contacts with ease.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

The Cleaner app solved all caches, cookies clean for my iPhone. When it comes to the storage space cleaning app for the iPhone, this app is a true champ. Cleaner for iPhone do all the junk cleanings and keep my phone free from unwanted Files.

Best rating for iOS apps
Peter Yong

I was looking for a storage space cleaning app for my iPhone. For cleaning the caches, cookies, and other unwanted files that I have accumulated over the years. This memory cleaner app can quickly clean my iPhone’s storage with relative ease. I would definitely recommend this cleaner app to everyone.

Best rating for iOS apps
Eric Hess

I installed this storage cleaner to delete all the duplicate photos from my iPhone. Although there were hundreds of pictures on my phone, the app was able to find all the duplicate photos quickly. I was then able to remove those with relative ease. I would really encourage anyone to use this phone cleaner application.

Best rating for iOS apps
Paul Brown

I found this phone cleaner app to be very convenient & handy. My iPhone was getting slow. But this app boosted my mobile’s performance by cleaning duplicate photos & contacts, cache files & deleting junk files. It’s a super cleaner app. Easy 5/5 star.

Best rating for iOS apps
Sean Quentin

My phone desperately needed a memory cleaner. I’ve been looking for a mobile cleaning app and then I came across this cleaner app for my iPhone. This cleared all my cache and long browsing history. Also, it made clear all my duplicate photos and files.

Best rating for iOS apps
Megan Robinson

Try Cleaner Premium

Cleaner for iPhone Premium Features

Premium App Features

  • Scan and detect duplicate image and contacts
  • Remove duplicate images
  • Delete and merge repetitive contacts
  • Fast clean feature
  • Real-time storage statistics display
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Frequently Asked

Which iPhone models support the app?
You can install Cleaner App for iPhone on all iPhone models that support iOS version 11 or above. You might have an older model of iPhone. In that case, it’s suggested that you update the iOS version to the latest one your device supports. If it is at least iOS version 11, then you are good to go with this app’s installation process.
How can I delete duplicate contacts on iPhone?
With the Cleaner for iPhone app, you can easily remove duplicate and incomplete contacts from your iPhone. For this, open the Cleaner app on your iPhone and tap on “Contacts”. Next, you’ll see two categories under the Contacts option – Duplicates and Incompletes. Additionally, you’ll see a contacts button at the bottom of the screen. So, you can quickly delete duplicate and incomplete contacts. Also, you can all of your iPhone contacts from your iPhone. IManually dentifying and deleting contacts on iPhone is a very challenging task.
How can I delete duplicate photos on my iPhone?
The process is straightforward. When you have the Cleaner App installed on your iPhone, the first thing you’d have is to tap on “Photos”. Next, the app will identify all the images that you should remove from your iPhone and display them in multiple categories. They are Similar Photos, Live Photos, Screenshots, Burst Photos, Blurred Photos, and Selfie Photos. Choose any one of the categories and then delete those you have selected. Repeat it for other categories. Doing the same task manually can be a daunting task.
Can I use the app to delete duplicate photos and contacts automatically?
Of course, you can. This is what Cleaner App for iPhone is specialized at. You can select the Fast Clean feature of the app. Upon selection, the app scans out all duplicate images, videos, and contacts stored on your phone memory. This app then cleans up unnecessary files with just a single click.

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