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About Color Widget App for iPhone

Color Widget for iPhone is a utility app with an extensive collection of iOS widgets. Throw away the old theme packs and refurbish your phone’s appearance by changing your home screen features. The app comes with various widgets, including maximum customization possibilities. You can replace the default clock background, set up new calendar widgets, change your iPhone home screen wallpaper, or even add a daily quote to appear on the iOS home screen.


Unlike in the past when you’ve had to search for ways on how to add widgets to iPhone, now you can use our widgets app to polish your smartphone screen any way you want. Apple has added the ability to place widgets on the iPhone main screen with iOS 14. With Color Widget for iPhone, you can take advantage of this and use the best widgets to reinvent your display’s ambiance.


The app offers awesome widgets to choose, edit, or remove to create a customized home page on the phone. You can position them wherever you want and organize at will to unlock limitless possibilities on the iPhone home screen. Express yourself and embrace your very own style of presentation when it comes to viewing daily updates on your most used electronic device.

  • Add widgets directly on the iPhone home screen layout
  • Choose from categories under Clock, Calendar, Wallpaper, and Quotes
  • Resize widgets to fit the screen
  • Access widgets directly from live icons

Core Functionality

Time and date widget for iPhone

Best Clock Widgets

Color Widget for iPhone is packed with extensive storage of clock wallpaper and screensaver. You can choose a clock from aesthetic or abstract design, nature setting, landscape, and more. Applying and editing the iPhone widgets from this app is quite simple.


Tap and hold anywhere on the smartphone screen to activate the edit option. Touch the plus button on the upper side to insert date and time widgets directly from the app. You can resize the clock display easily by dragging the edges of the icon.

Calendar Widget

The app features tons of calendar backgrounds for you to choose from. Using the best calendar setting app for iPhone, you decide how you want to see your days schedule. In essence, this calendar widget changes the usual month view for you.


Simply touch one of the icons within the app and make your days a bit better looking. Keep your agenda list organized and easy to follow using our planner widget app. Your daily task, events, to-do list is positioned alongside the current month with beautiful widgets background.

Calendar Widget for iPhone
Wallpaper widget for iPhone

Home Screen Wallpaper

Color Widget for iPhone has one of the coolest wallpaper widget collections available online. What is a widget app that’s worth choosing among hundreds of options? The answer is the one with multiple useful features to create a completely personalized home screen outlook.


Along with basic widget options, this app offers hundreds of wallpapers to add to the main display. Select from various HD quality images consisting of nature, portrait, abstract, aesthetic, and tons of other appealing categories.

Quote of the Day

The app comes with a daily quote widget, an interesting feature to display on your iPhone. It’s essentially a motivational widget where you can choose to play a random inspiring, meaningful quote on your home screen or view widgets on the lock screen. The quotes consist of lines, quotations, references from notable and remarkable individuals.


You can choose which one to display or set a slideshow from the home screen settings. It’s one of the coolest widgets on the iPhone that will change the whole impression of the phone’s display.

Quote of the day widget for iPhone

App Features

Clock widget for iphone

Your Clock

The time widget lets you choose from a wide range of clock backgrounds to customize within the app’s storage
calendar widget for iPhone

Daily Calendar Widgets

Pick out the suitable calendar appearance according to your convenience to display the date and events accordingly.
Wallpaper widget collection for iPhone

Wallpaper Collection

A large collection of iPhone home screen wallpapers provides you with options to choose from numerous quality images.
daily quote widget for iPhone


Quote of the day widget answers your motivational needs and prepares you for the upcoming day.
Custom widget app for iPhone


Customize and resize widgets to create the proper shape according to your iPhone app layout system.
Live widget library for iPhone

Direct Access
to Live Widgets

Easily edit widgets on iPhone through straight access from your active icons.

User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

This color widget app brought a lot of positive attention to my iPhone home screen. Playing with the home screen settings and adding widgets icons was easy. The motivational quote widget is nice. And, clock widget lets me see time internationally.

Best rating for iOS apps
Brian Bordeaux

I absolutely love this widget app. Thanks to it, I’ve transformed my iPhone’s appearance from boring to something gorgeous. Customized iPhone widgets like the calendar widget & time widget are colorful & easily visible now. Instant 5 stars!

Best rating for iOS apps
Wilfreda Blau

I’ve been waiting for this feature to add widgets to my iPhone home screen. Among few choices, I’ve found this iPhone widgets app to be the best so far. It’s packed with clock and calendar widgets, wallpapers, quotes, and many more amazing features.

Best rating for iOS apps
Jessica Crowe

A creative and resourceful widgets app for iPhone. Whether you are a fan of customizing iPhone home screen or not, you’ll surely learn to like its time widgets, calendar themes, HD wallpapers, etc. Especially the “daily quote” feature was impressive!

Best rating for iOS apps
Paul Nguyen

If anyone is looking for a widgets app that blends perfectly with the iPhone class, then this is it. This widgets app has a calendar, clocks, wallpapers, etc. My iPhone home screen is now more resourceful and fun. Thanks to this iPhone widgets app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Solomon Hayek

Color Widget for iPhone’s Premium

Color Widget for iPhone Premium Features

Premium Features

  • Replace old clocks from a collection of time and date widgets
  • Organize your days with tasklist, events, appointments through calendar settings
  • Choose from quotes widgets and carry an inspirational line with you every day
  • Set HD wallpapers of different flavors
  • Resize and edit widgets directly from the screen

Frequently Asked

Can I add widgets to my iPhone?
Yes. With the release of iOS 14, you can add custom widgets to your iPhone home screen, unlike before. Download & install Color Widget for iPhone and open hundreds of possibilities to customize your main screen. Personalize the way you want with a large collection of widget options from our app.
What is the best widget app for iPhone?
Color Widget for iPhone comes with widgets ranging from different categories like date, time, calendar, wallpaper, daily quote feature and allows unlimited customization. You can easily add them from the iPhone home screen and access them directly through live icons. Therefore, it is considerably the best widget app for iPhone.
How do I customize my iPhone calendar widget?
Calendar widgets and themes come extensively with the Color Widget for iPhone. Long press anywhere on the main screen until the apps start to jiggle. Then, tap the plus(+) button on the top corner to add a custom calendar widget for iPhone. Once set, drag the edges to resize and place it anywhere on your home screen to customize at will.
How do I get a quote widget on my iPhone?
Install Color Widget for iPhone; it comes with a number of daily quotes from famous, notable individuals. Add a daily quote from the app’s Quote Widget by accessing the feature directly from the iPhone main screen. Display a motivational or inspiration line on your all-time companion device and carry a flair of a message with you all the time.
Does this app feature a weather widget?
iPhone Weather Widgets is an upcoming feature of this app. You’ll be able to change the weather widget on the home screen and get daily climate updates right at your fingertips.

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