Best Fax Sending App for iPhone

About Fax App for iPhone

Fax for iPhone is a fax app designed to transform your iPhone into a digital fax machine. Send your fax online directly from your mobile within seconds. You no longer need an old-fashioned device to send business documents. Now, it’s easy to conduct work on the go and share necessary copies & documents anywhere around the world.


The app enables your smartphone to work as a virtual fax machine that works exactly like the traditional ones. But instead of a dedicated fax line and a fax number, you just have to use the app to send faxes online worldwide . You can even edit and compose your documents within the app to form personalized papers. The fax app lets you control your paperwork and send your fax from your phone with ease.


You can also scan documents using the phone’s camera and upload as fax with the app. This versatile application requires no additional tools to function and comes with several handy features.

  • Apply custom filters to documents
  • Add electronic signatures
  • Draft in-progress docs
  • Download from cloud storage
  • Send unlimited fax
  • Set passcodes to protect your data

Core Functionality

Send Unlimited Fax with eFax for iPhone App

Send Unlimited Fax

The app’s first and foremost feature is the ability to send unlimited fax anywhere, anytime, and from any place. No matter the number of pages or length of the documents, you can give yourself limitless sheets to add to your fax and share. How to fax from iPhone using this app?


Simply install the Fax from the App Store, open the app, set the phone number, and tap the “add document” button. It will give you several options to choose from, such as camera scanning, library, or cloud import. Select your source to find the document, tap “send,” and that’s it!

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Compose and Edit Fax

Unlike most apps electronic fax apps, Fax’s features include the options to compose your documents and to create a custom message. You can scan or draft a paper, convert text to fax, edit it as necessary, and send it as regular internet fax to fax numbers globally.


The built-in editor is intuitive and simple to use, so you can compose a fax message easily with the desired customization to encode your content. The app also offers the ability to add a custom cover page with a fax that includes information like sender’s name and number, subject of the fax, and additional messages.

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Compose and Edit Fax with eFax for iPhone App
Add Electronic Signatures with Documents

Add Electronic Signatures

Fax for iPhone comes with the added option to insert signatures to documents. Since faxing is primarily used to share business papers and agreements, often times they require signing. Sign with easy steps to validate your legal documents, official reports, contracts within the app and enjoy a paperless fax experience.


You can create, edit, resize your signature, zoom pages to determine the ideal position, and endorse the fax to send to locations worldwide.

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Cloud Import Facility

The app features a cloud fax service that lets users download files from personal drives to fax directly from the store. Link your drive, Dropbox, or iCloud account inside the app to get started. You can essentially import and send faxes from your Google Drive.


Use your iPhone to connect and download digital paperwork from the desired source, and fax a pdf or an image version of the file. The application supports PNG, JPEG, JPG, and PDF formats, the possibilities are endless.

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Add Documents from Drop box, Google Drive, iCloud

App Features

Send Fax to 100+ Countries with eFax for iPhone

Supports 100+ Countries

Send fax to 90+ countries, as many pages as necessary and as many times as you want.
Create and customize fax from iPhone

Create and Customize

Generate personalized messages, edit, rescale and resize to send fax messages with the app.
Scan Documents to Send Fax Instantly with eFax for iPhone

Scan Raw Documents

Use your camera to scan documents and papers to make them ready for faxing in an instant.
Apply Fax Filter with eFax for iPhone App

Apply Fax Filter

Practice custom filters to generate readable and explicit fax for an overall transparent communication process.
Insert your signature to the documents with eFax App for iPhone

Attach Signatures

Insert signatures to formalize legal and official documents before sending them as faxes from iPhone.
Set passcode to protect your documents with eFax for iPhone App

Use Passcode for Security

Protect your scanned documents and faxes by setting up a passcode within the app.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I used to send traditional faxes until I found Fax app for iPhone. With the Fax app for iPhone, I was able to send a fax online. This app became my personal online fax service. I edit/sign my documents easily with this app. And, I was able to send free fax internationally.

Best rating for iOS apps
Alicia Campbell

An excellent alternative to fax machines and online fax services. This amazing fax app lets me fax from iPhone directly without a dedicated number or a tool. I could compose, edit, sign, and send faxes to my clients, all from a single app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Kevin Hodges

This online fax app is a lifesaver. I didn’t have to find a fax machine to send my documents. With just a few simple steps, I was able to send my faxes from my iPhone. I can also send unlimited pages of faxes and add electronic signatures. How great is that!!

Best rating for iOS apps
Jamie Dankworth

This free fax app has been a great companion for my professional needs. I can scan documents using my iPhone’s camera to fax & add signatures too. It supports cloud storage & has excellent security on top of it. Can’t think of other apps anymore.

Best rating for iOS apps
Donald Gibbs

With eFax, I no longer need a landline to send a fax. This free fax service electronically sends my fax online via the internet. With edit and filter options, I can fax from iPhone many unique documents.

Best rating for iOS apps
Mark Austin

Fax for iPhone

eFax for iPhone Premium Features

Premium Features of Fax for iPhone App

  • Fax images and PDFs directly from iPhone
  • Access to built-in editor for composing fax
  • Save fax drafts for editing and future use
  • Import documents from Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox inside the app for faxing
  • Add signatures and filters to organize your fax
  • PIN passcode for added security
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Frequently Asked

Is it possible to send faxes from an iPhone?
By default, the iPhone doesn’t have integrated features to send faxes. You’ll need to download a third-party app to send faxes from your iPhone. Fax for iPhone is one of the craftiest apps in the store for faxing purposes to help with your personal & small business needs. Simply add your document from the app and tap “send” & it’s done.
What is the best fax app for iPhone?
Determining the best app depends on lots of factors. Starting from the functionalities of an app to user accessibility & the flexibility of using it plays a vital role. Fax for iPhone ticks many of these boxes as it features a number of useful functions like faxing, editing documents, adding signatures, cloud import, and more.
Can you fax without a phone line?
It is possible to fax without a phone line. But the process is not as simple as it is when you use a dedicated app for faxing. The method of faxing without a phone line involves using the best online fax services. Often you can’t send faxes instantly as you can do with an app. That’s why it’s recommended to install the Fax app on your phone for faxing purposes.
How to fax from email?
You need to sign up first for an online fax service to link your mail account. After that, you can send faxes through email. Even though it’s possible to send faxes through the mail, we definitely recommend you to use a faxing app from the store. Mainly because of how seamless & simple the whole faxing process is through an app like Fax.
Is there a free fax app for iPhone?
There are several fax apps for iPhone on the App Store. Fax is one of the handiest fax apps and comes with incredible features. Moreover, the best thing is that it’s absolutely free to install. When you factor in the app’s functionalities you get while using it, it becomes a no-brainer to use it.

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