Equalizer Fx Best Bass Booster App for iPhone

About Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App for iPhone & iPad

Equalizer Fx improves the sound quality and gives you the best sound effects. You will experience a full surround sound system with volume control. The volume can be adjusted as your choice. You will have a smooth and hassle-free music experience in your ears. The histogram displays the exact sound frequency in its audio visualizer bars. Equalizer Fx gives you the best equalizer settings. You can customize the effects in the music equalizer function. Arrange all the songs following the artist, genres, and playlists. Listen to party music by tuning in bass booster function, including:

  • Powerful bass-booster for party-style music
  • Seven band EQ to adjust voice tones and music beats.
  • A colorful electronic audio visualizer.
  • Customizable audio equalizer settings
  • Cloud storage support, including Google Drive/One Drive or Dropbox
  • Supports background play to promote multitask.

Core Functionality

An optimized audio player with Equalizer Fx iPhone App

Audio Player

Use Equalizer Fx as the primary audio player of your phone. Organize songs sorting by the name of the artist, genre, or playlist to quickly identify your favorite track. Repeat songs multiple times if you want or shuffle to bring variation in your favorite tracklist.
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Powerful Equalizer

Equalizer Fx comes with seven-band equalizers. Observe the music level using the equalizer or EQ option in the app. Use the EQ as a sound and voice amplifier. Enhance low-quality audio files into high quality by tweaking through different bass tuners.


Around 15+ preset programs are available for you. These include Acoustic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Flat, Classical, Hip Hop, Rock, Latin, Pop.

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Graphic Equalizers Feature with Equalizer Fx
Bass booster effects with Equalizer Fx

Bass Booster Effects

Experience multi-channel home theatre trembling at your earbuds. The bass booster effect is simply fabulous. You can rise up or down the bass bar to get the perfect lossless sound. The app also gives you a dedicated functionality to quickly access the customization level while working live on a sound pad.
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App Features

A Refined Music Player for iPhone

A Refined Music Player

It works as the primary music player of your iPhone. The app even works in the background, which facilitates multitasking.
Incredible Bass Booster App for iPhone

Incredible Bass Booster

The Bass booster increases bass at any adjustable level so that it can play music on your speakers.
Seven Band Equalizer App For iPhone and iPad

Seven Band Equalizer

Tuning your music between the seven-band equalizer is fun and its presets are simply fantastic to work with.
8+ Elegant Visualizations

Custom tuner setup

You can customize music equalizers as per your preference and can save them for future tuning.
Audio Visualizations

Audio Visualizations

8+ audio visualizations can create colorful light shows and can meter-up your music hearing experiences
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Cloud Import and Play

Store music in cloud storage. Destine your melodies in cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I love music and I love to tweak around with music whenever I get some free time. This equalizer app is the coolest tool I have ever got in hand for playing with the sound effects. I use It as a typical music player, but when it comes to enriching music, it is a superb volume and bass booster app too.

Best rating for iOS apps
Laura Rossi

An equalizer app with a good music player & bass booster functionalities is what I’ve been searching for. So, this app has been a surprise. I love those presets for different sound effects. Volume booster works flawlessly too. Definitely recommended!

Best rating for iOS apps
Vincent Peck

I’ve been looking for a music equalizer app with decent presets and bass booster features. So I could tinker with the sound effects of my music tracks. I then downloaded this app, and now I have the best equalizer settings. I would highly recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Robert Taylor

With this Equalizer app, I was able to turn upbeat songs to full bass boost. I have a lot of club and house music so a music equalizer app is good for surround sound. For songs that are low pitches, I use the volume booster to enhance sound.

Best rating for iOS apps
Barry Palma

Review: A unique music visualizer app! I don’t use my iPhone’s default music player to play music anymore, only this bass booster to tweak between songs with the 7-band EQ. Sound effects, custom presets, volume booster, bass tuner, this app has it all.

Best rating for iOS apps
James Figueroa

Try Equalizer Plus

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App Premium Features

Premium Features

  • 15+ bass booster effect and presets
  • 8+ audio visualization animations
  • 7 band EQ
  • Compressions and normalizing features
  • Cloud Storage facility
  • Share favorite music and playlists with friends online.
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Frequently Asked

What is Audio Visualizer?
An audio visualizer represents the fluctuation of sound waves through various visual shapes and graphical peaks. It changes and fluctuates frequently with playing the audio file. You can look up the different peaches and levels in real-time. It also gives a visual scale of the highs and lows of music you are hearing.
Does Equalizer Fx support 3D sound?
Yes, it does. Equalizer Fx has full 3D support on the go. No matter you’re using a stereo headphone or surround home theatre system the app gives you an enhanced 3D sound effect right from your device. This app converts your stereo earbuds into a virtual 3-dimensional environment. You can feel each note of your music circling your head!
How to boost bass correctly?
Equalizer Fx is a super easy-to-use app. You won’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand any specific functionality of this app; especially the bass boosting feature. Simply navigate through the app and enter the bass booster option when listening to a piece of music. The simple slider option of the bass booster will be available for you. Simply increase the bass booster bar whenever you feel your music needs some beats. Toggle the bar down if the bass is too high for your comfort zone.
How to adjust the perfect preset?
Play a song, open the Equalizer menu. Now tap on each preset like rock, flat, classical, dance, hip hop, etc. By tapping on the presets, the song immediately changes its vibe. It all depends on your mood, you can configure and add presets to your music to simply enhance the audio quality. If you know the genre of the music the preset adjustments will be more refined and accurate.
Why should I use the EQ function?
EQ is a common term in the music production industry. It maintains the balance among different audio signals. Our ears receive sound frequencies from 20hz to 20000hz. Every voice and instrumental sound is made of different frequencies. EQ lets you adjust or fine-tune the frequency you would prefer to hear. You can turn a piece of simple music into a concert-like output via EQ.

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