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About Fasting App to Lose Weight for iPhone

Among the many apps in the App Store that focus on your health and diet, our Fasting app aims to help you lose the extra pounds of body fat you are worried about most. Fasting app for iPhone culminates for being one of the best apps available of its kind.


Fasting for iPhone comes with an intuitive graphic interface that engulfs the user’s attention from the very beginning when start using the app. It has different health assessment and advisory functionalities well categorized for all genders.


The feature-rich app offers a wide variety of functionalities, proactive at your side all the time, and acts as your personal health guru. So, whether you plan to build up body mass or try to get rid of some extra carbs, the Fasting app can be your constant health assistant.


So, what are we getting when enduring through this app? Let’s find out:

  • A simplified design that makes app usage much convenient
  • An Intelligent diet plan setup. The app does it based on the user’s physique, gender, and fasting duration preferences
  • The app keeps an account of your liquid intake as well to keep you well-hydrated all day long
  • Choose from a comprehensive list of health plans that the app offers to you

Core Functionality

Select Fasting Goal with Fasting App for iPhone

Six Distinct Fasting Goals

The Fasting app introduces six different fasting modes. Each of these six modes gives you specific daily diet plans. The app prerecords your current height, weight, gender and creates your diet plan based on your projected health goal
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Water Drinking Assistant

Drinking water is an excellent way to lose weight. Moreover, pure drinking water detoxifies our bodies. We understand the need for body hydration and its benefit in controlling body weight. That’s why Fasting for iPhone comes up with scheduled water drinking reminders.
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Drink Water Notification from Water Drinking Assistant of Fasting App
Fasting Result Tracking Calculator for iPhone Fasting App

Calculator To Track
Fasting Result

Once you are on the verge of losing some weight using this app’s fasting feature, you expect some report at the end of a predetermined duration. Fasting keeps track of this whole carb-cutting journey of yours, and you are presented with intuitive reports and results after passing each fasting session you include in your diet curriculum.
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Ultimate Weight Manager

Bodyweight management is what this Fasting app good at. It has a dedicated bodyweight tracking module that keeps an account of your current body weight. The intuitive graphical interface gives you a visual representation of your body weight as you progress through your suggested healthy diet plans.
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Ultimate Bodyweight Manager with Fasting App for iPhone

App Features

Active Fasting Tracker App For iPhone

Active Fasting

Create weekly, monthly, or annual fasting plans and the app will do the rest for you; that is, weight records, daily fasting, diet plans, etc.
Water Drinking Reminder On iPhone

Water Drinking Reminder

The right amount of water is mandatory for healthy living. Take advantage of the water intake tracker and fulfill the body hydration.
Body weight Manager

Body Weight Manager

Are you planning to improve your BMI? Keep a record of your body weight using the built-in weight tracking feature of this Fasting app.
Health History Checker

Health History

Keep track of your weight loss history from beginning to end. Here you will get progressive reports in intuitive statistics and graphical interfaces.
Daily Fasting Scheduler

Daily Fasting

Set customizable fasting durations. An integrated countdown timer of this app will constantly assist you regarding your fasting process.
Health Profile Manager

Health Profile

Create and customize your profile to set your own current physique status and personalize your body mass goal.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

After downloading the Fasting app, I saw a dramatic decrease in body fat. I shed the extra weight in weeks. This app is very user-friendly and has tips like drinking water and a calorie counter. This is by far the best intermittent fasting app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Michael Torino

A solid 5 stars from me! I found this app really useful as far as intermittent fasting is concerned. This Fasting app actually helped me shed a few extra pounds without trying any keto diet, which I found too extreme for the body. On top of that, the push-notifications for scheduled water drinking are really helpful when traveling or working.

Best rating for iOS apps
Linda Chang

So far, I have found this healthy diet management app very much functional and practical. It’s simple and effective. I think you don’t have to worry about the keto diet when intermittent fasting is there for you. My wife and I have been using this app for the last six months. The app is already showing positive impacts on our health. Thumbs up!

Best rating for iOS apps
Rob Smith

It helped my mom cut down extra fats, and now she seems much happier and healthier. She was very ill back in 2019 and wanted some good advice on how to lose weight? And how to get rid of cholesterols and body fats. Then I installed this app on my mom’s phone. Now, mom, thanks to me for it. This app is an absolute camp.

Best rating for iOS apps
Camella Schmidt

This app is nice, but It would be better if it would work on older versions of the iPhone. However, the intermittent fasting manager is superb here. The app is a good guide for healthy eating and healthy food habits. So far, so good.

Best rating for iOS apps
An lee


Premium Features of Fasting App - Weight Loss

Premium Features of Fasting App - Weight Loss:

  • Create a profile to manage your height, weight, and other physical credentials, diet plans, and progresses
  • Create custom fasting plans based on your personal health preference
  • Set custom targets and track fasting periods using excellent visual charts and graphs
  • Improved scheduled water intake using a dedicated app functionality
  • An optimized assistant to monitor your body weight
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Frequently Asked

How does this fasting app work?
The fasting app for iPhone follows an intermittent process in your diet. The app records your physical status and works based on gender, weight, weight loss preferences, etc. Based on these data the app carries out smart analysis and brings out the most optimized fasting preferences and daily water intake routine. A punctual follow-up of this app ultimately can reach you to your projected health goal; that is you can shed or gain body mass as per your preference within a short period of time without putting your overall health into any unnecessary harm.
How effective is the water intake reminder of this Fasting app?
The liquid intake reminder of this app is absolutely fantastic and it does its task with cent percentage punctuality. You can absolutely rely on this daily water intake reminder, as at the end of the day, the app analyzes and comes up with the most optimized water intake routine to keep you hydrated all day long. Remember, if you like to lose some extra weight and keep yourself healthy, regular body hydration is the best and the healthiest way to do so.
Can I see the progressive weight loss report in this app?
Yes, you can. Fasting for iPhone gives you a comprehensive report of your health on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. This is to ensure that you don’t miss a single event of your health progress at the end of the day. The weight loss report is presented in a rather more intuitive graphical form. You get graphs and statistics showing progress towards your ultimate weight loss goal.
Is there any preset goals that I can choose for my weight loss/gain journey?
Yes, the fasting app comes with six individual fasting goal preferences. These are More energy, Better health, Lose weight, Diet, Detox, and Live longer. You can select the most preferred one that suits your health goal. The automatically analyses your diet and fasting preference once this initial fasting goal preference has been determined. For instance, When you have chosen detox, the water intake push notification gets priority and therefore you get water drinking alerts more frequently in a day.

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