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About Fitness - Home Workout App For iPhone

Fitness App – Home Workout is the ultimate solution for fast weight loss and indoor exercise without equipment. Choose workout schedules from templates or create custom workout plans suited to your needs. Utilize 100+ free workout videos, built-in training presets, diet tracker, and tons of more useful features to get in shape in no time.


Set your workout goals from 3 different categories — Get Fit, Get Strong, and Lose Weight. Each set of sessions include detailed exercises for a complete body workout. Get easy instructions on abs and shoulder workouts or back and chest workouts. Stretch your legs and arms for an effective workout spell every day, and reach your fitness goals efficiently.


Fitness App offers core workouts in 3 different intensity levels consisting of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Explore full-body workout at home without equipment or anything. Whether you want a 7 day or 30 day workout challenge to build up your body, this best fitness app for iPhone has it all.


Keep your exercise routines consistent with this amazing fitness tracker app. Excel at home workouts with an inbuilt BMI calculator and calorie tracker. Daily diet reminders, in-app workout music, home workout videos, and numerous other features clearly make it the best of fitness apps in the market.

  • 100+ free exercise videos and counting
  • 3 core exercises with different intensity levels
  • Create custom diet plans
  • Videos with text outlines and subtitles
  • Daily activity log and detailed workout history

Core Functionality

Tailor-made Workout Programs

Tailor-made Workout Programs

Depending on personal preferences, design your fitness programs with maximum customizations. Whether you want to get fit, get strong, or lose weight; plan your exercise routine by selecting specific types of videos and instructions. Make use of cardio workouts at home, upper and lower body workouts without equipment. Set your interval time, workout days, and go-to songs from a free workout music playlist. Reach your fitness target in no time with personalized workout plans offered by this personal trainer app.
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Free Workout Videos

Featuring more than hundreds of real workout videos, the Fitness App – Home Workout compromises nothing when it comes to tutorials. Say goodbye to workout equipment once and for all and follow through a range of short exercise videos. They cover all the essential exercises and core training with professionals in the field. Practice pilates and lunges workouts to unlock the quickest way to lose weight or get in shape in 30 days, or even a week. What’s more, you get detailed text instructions with each video for proper exercise routines.
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Free Workout Videos
No Exercise Equipment Required

No Exercise Equipment Required

Wondering how to lose weight fast without going to the gym? Being one of the best free workout apps for iPhone, the Fitness App offers you exercise solutions that require no gym equipment at all. Meaning you can accomplish fitness goals simply with bodyweight workout plans offered by this free fitness app. You no longer need a treadmill, squat rack, dumbbells, or barbells for workouts. Free up your house space and just install the Fitness App for a complete workout solution.
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Daily Activity Tracker

Fitness App acts as your personal exercise trainer and continuously keeps tabs on your workouts. Once you set a workout goal based on the time and effort you can afford, this daily activity tracker app starts working instantly. You can see your progress, checklist, objectives on a detailed screen every day. What’s more, this home workout app comes with an inbuilt BMI and workout calorie calculator. So you can burn through your exercise, keep track of calories, and work on building a good BMI, all in one app.
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Daily Activity Tracker

App Features

Home Exercise Videos

Fitness App comes with more than 100 video guides, ranging from 5 to even 20 minute workout videos.

Customizable Workout Programs

Get Fit, Get Strong, Lose Weight — choose your preferred body type workout and get cracking.

Say Goodbye to Gym

With one of the best free workout apps for men and women, gym equipment is made obsolete as you require none anymore.

Best Exercise Tracker App

Track your progress day by day with this best activity tracker app for iPhone and effectively execute your workout mission.

Workout and Diet Reminder

Daily exercise reminder makes it easy to keep on track of training session objectives.

BMI Calculator

Includes an essential BMI index calculator that shows your ideal BMI when you enter your height and weight.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

Excellent app!!! ABs work out in the home. It’s helped me to do exercise without going to the gym. I can customize the fitness plan as per my need. I believe, this app is the best home workout app to make a good body shape.

Best rating for iOS apps
John R. Cowan

I was pregnant a few months ago. It was challenging for me to go the gym. I installed the Fitness App- Home Workout. I could do all the necessary exercises at home to keep my fitness using this app. Thanks to the fitness app developers.

Best rating for iOS apps
Lorie T. Manning

I was too heavy nearly six months ago. I reduce almost half of my body weight using this fantastic fitness app for iPhone. This app encompasses lots of valuable features. Mover over it suggests different types of exercise based on other fitness goals.

Best rating for iOS apps
Brian W. Rosario

I was looking for home workout videos because the gym wasn’t an option at the time. Now I can’t get enough of this app. It has nearly a hundred exercise videos in slow motion and detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Absolutely recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Summer Haining

Amazing fitness app and a great coach. I can customize plans for getting strong or losing weight and watch videos by professionals to train. I especially love the inbuilt workout music collection. Ranging from body shaping to muscle building, it’s an all-rounder app for everyone looking to start training at home.

Best rating for iOS apps
Sean Robinson

Premium Features of Fitness - Home Workout App For iPhone

Premium feature of the Fitness - Home workout app for iPhone

Premium Features

  • Personalize workout categories from beginner, intermediate, or advanced level
  • Access to numerous existing and updated workout videos
  • Customize diet plans and adjust workout cycle
  • Get reports and reminders on daily exercise routine
  • Keep track of weight loss and calorie burning
  • Collection of workout music
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Frequently Asked

How to lose weight fast?
You can lose weight by practicing proper exercises and diet. Fitness App allows you to do all that without even going to the gym. Easy walkthroughs with home workout videos, guided instructions, and tailored plans can help you achieve the weight-loss target of your desire.
How to exercise at home without equipment?
Install Fitness App – Home Workout and get access to more than a hundred exercise videos with instructions. You can practice them all at home, without the help of any equipment whatsoever. Professional trainers will guide through the workouts in videos of themselves, making it effortless to follow up.
How to get fit at home without equipment?
Fitness App houses tons of home workout tutorials that mainly come in three categories ­– Get Fit, Get Strong, and Lose Weight. If it’s getting fit for you, select the respected category as your workout regime and create a plan for your own. Then follow the workout videos to get fit at home with practical exercises that need no gym equipment.
Do home workout videos really work?
Home workout videos are a great way to achieve the desired fitness without going to the gym regularly or consulting with trainers. Since the workout videos in the Fitness App are made and acquired from professionals, the trainings are hundred percent authentic. Effective workout videos can verify and train you through a series of regular exercises and help you get fit or lose weight in real-time.
How to find saved passwords on iPhone?
Password Manager – Passlog stores all your passwords, credit card PIN, notes in one place. They’re right at your fingertips, in your personal vault where you need a master key or Face ID verification to get into. Once inside, you can view the saved passwords on iPhone easily.

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