Fonts and Keyboard App for iPhone

Fontix - Fonts & Keyboard App for iPhone

Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app for iPhone enchants the look of your texts. Cute fonts and cool letters mesmerize the feelings of the readers. The aesthetic and funky style of texts enriches people who look for font keyboards and tweak their iPhone fonts. Using this unique and cool fonts app for iPhone, you can achieve a fancy design in fonts and re-imagine your iPhone screen. This app features font style like calligraphy, typography, cute cursive fonts and immersive attention to detail, making it the best font app for iPhone. The app comprises special symbols and emojis to give users a fabulous and funny experience and save time from emoji and fonts downloading. You can share cool texts and symbols to every social media and messaging app.
  • Improve iPhone’s font style with fancy and stylish fonts.
  • Write in a rejoicing keyboard background using an elegant collection of keyboard themes.
  • Seamless support for every social media and chatting app like Messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.
  • An extensive collection of cool emojis is available to send on multiple social platforms.
  • A significant number of symbols show the exact metaphorical expression.

Core Functionality

Best fonts collection

Unique & Aesthetic Fonts

A gigantic collection of some of the best keyboard fonts gives the texts and notes a new and elegant look. Around 100+ font sets are stored to serve all kinds of purposes: designing photos, creating movie posters, making memes, or uploading Facebook story images with cool fonts. Become creative among everyone else using special letter fonts.


Make social media name, page name, YouTube channel name, in-game name, or nickname in group messaging app. Beautify the art of writing in digital life with aesthetic texts, which was never possible before!

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Keyboard Symbols & Emojis

Emojis and emoticons inspire you to send them to your family, friends, and beloved ones to make them happy and hopeful. A healthy collection of emojis appear from the different social messaging app and meets cross-platform messaging demand.


Remember your suitable emojis and find them on our keyboard for interchangeable usability. Express yourselves better & more imaginatively with the help of hundreds of emojis available in the app & keep the interaction dynamic with your family & friends on social media.

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Symbol and emoji photo keyboard for iphone
Stylish Keyboard Themes Collection for iPhone

Stylish Keyboard Themes

The app features 40+ new and eye-catchy themes, letting you dress up your keyboard with a cool aesthetic outlook. Give your phone’s keyboard a royal & classy background depending on your mood with simple steps & enhance the whole writing experience.


It decorates the phone by finding the best piece among all the cosmic, abstract, natural, domestic, suburban, animal, or dramatic images intended to be your keyboard theme.

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Easy Text Font Changer

Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app for iPhone provides ease of access to everyone as it’s an app designed for all users. Regardless of age, anyone can use the app without a hitch! Install our app on your iPhone and click on the globe icon of your default keyboard.


You’ve got your new keyboard ready for operation! Fonts, themes, and emojis are kept in their vault side-by-side, creating no confusion for the users. Copy and paste texts for external or multiple uses, allowing you to use those stylish texts in more than one place.

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Text Font Changer Keyboard for iPhone

App Features

Fancy Keyboard Theme for iPhone

Fancy Keyboard Theme

Keyboard themes amplify the phone’s beauty, significance and give a glamourous look to create a fashionable and stylish vibe according to user appetite.
Uncommon Fonts For iPhone


A variety of stylish & cool text fonts result in unsophisticated fancy lettering that amplifies the text’s beauty to use in messaging or social platforms.
Cool Symbols & Emojis

Tons of Cool Emojis

Approximately 1000+ emojis fulfill the needs of chatting with familiar peoples to impress them more than before.
Rich Collection

Rich Collection

Plenty of top-quality fonts come in large quantities to mend up user’s needs for more prolonged & future use. In summary, our app offers 100+ new fonts, themes, 1000+ emojis, and more.
Calligraphic Fonts For iPhone

Calligraphic Fonts

Calligraphic fonts present a handwriting look to make the text appear more elegant & stunning. Cool calligraphic fonts are specially designed to use in handwriting documents.


Changing text fonts & themes can be done instantly & on the fly while using the keyboard – no extra hassle of opening the app separately to change them.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

Given the fact that customizing fonts & keyboards was a relatively new feature in iOS, this app has absolutely nailed it. It’s got tons of cool fonts, fancy fonts style, and the best keyboards themes I’ve ever used. Definitely worth recommending.

Best rating for iOS apps
Grayson Phillips

This fancy fonts app lets me change the keyboard theme too. It has so many cool symbols & cute fonts to choose from. I’ve been using these aesthetic fonts on Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter & people keep asking me how I get those fonts. Love it!

Best rating for iOS apps
Lucy James

No more boring flat fonts. Now I have this app for my iPhone. It has cool symbols, emoticons and fancy fonts which are unique from others. Moreover, my virtual keyboard is not the same boring one anymore as this app offers me aesthetic fonts while writing anything one social platforms. A big thumbs-up to this app full of cute fonts.

Best rating for iOS apps
Ajay Agarwal

Best fonts & keyboards customizing app I’ve ever used with a rich collection of choices. Dynamic font styles, cool symbols, fancy texts, and the best keyboard background makes this app super useful. Highly recommended for customizing iPhone appearance.

Best rating for iOS apps
Martina Batz

This fancy fonts app is stylish & fabulous for texting my buddies with varied customized cool letters. There are so many variations of font types & cool symbols available in the app. I love seeing & typing in different text fonts. Totally worth it!

Best rating for iOS apps
Mitchell Henry

Fontix - Fonts & Keyboard for iPhonePlus Features:

Fonts & Keyboard for iPhones Premium Features

Premium Features

  • 100+ different and stylish fonts
  • 45 keyboard background themes
  • 1000+ emojis and more will be added
  • Newly arrived messaging app support
  • Metaphorical, symbolic expressions
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Frequently Asked

Why do we need a font and keyboard app?
Fontix app lets you try out different font styles, change themes, and enhance your overall writing experience. Fontix is a keyboard app combining both keyboard background themes, emojis, and lots of fascinating fonts, things you can use to go beyond the limitation of default keyboards. Therefore, you need this fonts & keyboard app to change the appearance and overall look of your iPhone.
Can I change the phone wallpaper with the font app?
This app is designed to apply a background theme to the keyboard section. For additional changes in the home and lock screen, you can try another utility app like the Live Wallpaper 3D.
How to use WhatsApp emojis in Messenger through this app?
The extensive collection of this app has almost every emoji and symbol available on popular social sites. You can use WhatsApp emojis in the Messenger app and vise versa; all you need is a single tap on the emoticon icon to open and browse from the list of all the categorized emoticons. Choose and express yourself more vividly and essentially, in a more fun way!
How to write in different fonts?
You can select fonts directly from your iPhone keyboard’s top bar and write in different fonts effortlessly. Changing fonts is super simple in this app, and you can do it on the fly while writing; no need to open the app separately to make changes. Open your keyboard and tap the fonts icon to view the list of various fonts. Choose from calligraphy fonts, unique and special case fonts, aesthetic fonts; you name it.
Can I copy and paste the fonts from the text box?
Yes. The ability to copy and paste fonts gives users flexibility in compiling favorite writings to their collection. If a user wants to copy something and paste it in several places, this app is a game-changer for them. Write in your favorite font and copy the writing on your iPhone clipboard, then easily paste it in any messaging or relevant app.

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