Password Manager App for iPhone

About Password Manager App For iPhone

Password Manager – Passlog is the best app to save passwords on iPhone and sync them across all your devices. Never again worry about how to remember your passwords. Let Passlog handle and store your login credentials using an advanced password encryption system, saving you the tension of forgetting them ever.


We use hundreds of passwords for accounts, profiles, credit cards, etc. every day. So, there comes a point when it’s almost impossible to remember all those pin passwords. iPhone password managers can be a real solution in this matter. Passlog is an advanced password manager app designed to safeguard your PIN codes and passwords. Whenever you create or change passcodes on iPhone, the app automatically syncs and keeps you updated.


Password Manager – Passlog is also a strong password generator app for iPhone. Auto generate random passwords at will and store them in a data vault protected by RSA encryption. This also enables you to autofill passwords for credit cards, forms, accounts, and everything. View saved passwords on iPhone anytime and collaborate using the secure share password feature.


Create manual logins, credit card information, and secret notes on iPhone. You can store your full identification in a secure vault and protect with both iPhone passcodes and face unlock. Utilize impregnable security featured by the best iOS password manager and eliminate the fear of losing passwords ever again.

  • Secure and organize passwords in a personal vault
  • Autofill passwords in login
  • Create unique and strong passwords
  • Manually store personal information and credentials.
  • Auto logout feature

Core Functionality

Versatile Password Organizer app for iPhone

Versatile Password Organizer

Manage passwords on the go with multifaceted password management tools included in this app. Remembering passwords has never been easier as it also allows iCloud synchronization. That means, you can sync passphrases to use multiple passwords in multiple places with one iCloud account. Added browser support and autofill settings let you login without typing in your credentials. The password vault stores all your authorization data categorically, devising the best way to keep passwords organized on your iPhone.
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Secure Password Generator

Password Generator – Passlog can generate strong passwords with variations to make it impossible for hackers to obtain them. It works as both a simple and easy to remember password generator or a strong random password creator for your accounts. You can choose from uppercase or lowercase letters, digits, specific password characters and symbols to create personalized passphrases. Rather than using your childhood buddy or your pet’s name, use passwords that are invulnerable and improve your iPhone security.
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Secure Password Generator app for iPhone
State-of-the-art Encryption of password

State-of-the-art Encryption

Speaking of security, the Passlog app comes with robust RSA signature encryption. Keep all your passwords safe within a secret vault accessible only by you. The password vault manager tool creates a master password to shield all credentials, essentially building a two-factor authentication process. You can also add personal PIN codes to safeguard your data. Furthermore, this app offers a Face ID feature to maximize security efforts, easily making it the safest password manager app.
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Create Manual Logins

Wondering how to store passwords safely on your iPhone? With the free Password Manager – Passlog app, you can manually save passwords on iPhone and protect them from anyone’s reach. Create login information for any websites, accounts, and store your full personal info privately. You can also save multiple credit card info and make a secure note within the app. Keep unlimited password logins, emails, profiles, and use stored passwords anytime with a protected view inside the app.
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Create Manual Logins With the Password Manager App for iPhone

App Features

Most Secure Password Manager

Passlog is the most reliable handler for all your account and website credentials.

RSA Encryption

Advanced RSA algorithm makes it the safest and relentless in securing your sensitive data.

iCloud Backup

Never lose your passwords or forget them, as Passlog synchronizes all your credentials with your iCloud account to save across devices.

Free Password Generator

Featuring multiple characters, letters, symbols combined passphrases, it’s more than just another good password generator.

Autofill Password

Enable auto filling for forms, browsers, websites, and save yourself the hassle of remembering or typing them.

Store Password Manually

Create custom lists for personal information, credentials, credit cards, and secure passwords saved on your iPhone.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I am a businessman. I have to store lots of passwords of different billing accounts. So, I searched for the term how to keep my password safe on iPhone. I found this Password Manager – Passlog app for iPhone. I could easily store my passwords and auto-fill the accounts.

Best rating for iOS apps
Hector S. Brigman

I was looking for an app to manage my credit and debit cards info. You know, it’s difficult for me to remember all the cards’ information. Moreover, it is also vulnerable to save card info on notes or somewhere else. Thanks to the developers of the Password manager app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Len M. Cahill

I run a small business in New Jersey, and I have to store secret notes. I felt nervous about keeping them on a non-protected note. So, I searched for an app for storing private notes and found this fantastic Password manager app. Now I can store my notes in a secured environment.

Best rating for iOS apps
Gayle J. Vickers

This app is simple yet handy when storing your passwords in a secure and safe vault. This app is the best password manager out there. It made my life simple. You are highly recommended to use this Password Manager App.

Best rating for iOS apps
Janey G. Romero

I feel secure; I can store my FB, Instagram, mail, credit card password. This app has really a secured vault to store the passwords and auto-fill to properly fill the passwords. I am really happy with is password Manager app for iPhone and giving 5 out of 5

Best rating for iOS apps
Toby Nolan

Premium Features of Password Manager App For iPhone

Best Password Manager App for iPhone

Premium Features

  • Organize passwords in a personal vault
  • Integrated iCloud backup for safekeeping passwords
  • iPhone autofill function to apply credentials automatically
  • Simple to complex password generator
  • Preserve unlimited passwords and personal information
  • Face ID recognition feature
  • Share passwords safely with friends and family
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Frequently Asked

Is it safe to use a password manager?
Yes. Password managers use some of the most advanced encryption systems nowadays. Like the Passlog, it uses the best RSA security to manage and store passwords on iPhones. It’s safe and unbreakable for hackers and is way better than online password managers regarding safety issues.
What's the best password manager for iPhone?
Password Manager – Passlog is the best password manager for iPhone with numerous helpful features to securely create, store, and share passwords.  Experience the best of password storage apps and hide away all your credentials with master passwords and two-factor verification.
What is the safest password app for iPhone?
Safest password app for iPhone must feature the safest encryption and protection. The Passlog app is no different as it comes with the best RSA encryption ever offered. This password manager for iOS can save you the daunting effort of remembering all passwords and securely store your data in a secret vault.
How do password managers work?
Password managers like the Passlog app stores passwords and accounts on iPhone in unlimited numbers. Then it creates a master key to secure all passwords with two-step authentication. You can change the master password anytime, and it’s the only one you have to remember.
How to find saved passwords on iPhone?
Password Manager – Passlog stores all your passwords, credit card PIN, notes in one place. They’re right at your fingertips, in your personal vault where you need a master key or Face ID verification to get into. Once inside, you can view the saved passwords on iPhone easily.

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