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About Scanner App - PDF Editor For iPhone

Scanner App – PDF Editor is the ultimate tool to scan and create PDF, all on the go. A powerful PDF converter comprising of useful photo scanner and book scanner features, this can become your go-to app for all your portable document scanning needs.


Whether you’re in business, studying at the university, or just warming up on your exquisite reading habit, a pocket scanner can be extremely handy. This iPhone app comes with a picture-perfect document reading ability that accurately catches the frames and edges of your source. Even in the slightest mismeasurements, you can adjust the output and produce flawless PDF files.


Wondering how to make a PDF file out of random scraps of paper? Our smartphone scanner can read different documents or photos and combine multiple images into one complete PDF package. Convert JPG to PDF, or scan pages separately and merge the pictures to create a single PDF file.


The PDF Scanner app features an advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, effectively making it a text reader that can perfectly read any text within an image and turn it editable. Frame your document inside the camera to scan and extract text, then copy and paste the content to edit as necessary. It’s as simple as that!

  • Scan documents and images to create PDFs
  • Source documents to scan from cloud storage
  • Built with OCR technology
  • Multi-page PDF file creation support
  • Share via compatible apps

Core Functionality

Scan PDF with camera

Scan with Camera or Choose from Library

Scanner App – PDF Editor gives you complete freedom over sourcing your documents to scan and make a PDF. First off, you can scan raw papers directly with your iPhone camera to create PDFs. Alternatively, if you want to generate a PDF from existing images, you can simply select them from your iPhone library through the app. Its incredible flexibility is unparalleled yet uncompromised in performance as it also lets you import files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud to scan and recreate into portable formats.
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Optical Character Recognition

Scanning a book and wishing you could edit a little before finalizing the copy? Wish granted! Our PDF Scanner app comes with OCR technology, a feature that reads text & symbols within an image to depict them afterward. In simple terms, scan a book, page, or piece of paper and save it as PDF or JPG on your iPhone (yes, you can do both). Then just apply the OCR with the app and Voila! The texts will instantly become copyable as you wish.
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OCR pdf
Free pdf editor

Best PDF Editor

The Scanner app comprises one of the best PDF editors. Offering flexibility at its best, our app can modify, edit, and basically remake a whole eBook through the simplest of efforts. How to edit a PDF file on your iPhone with this app? After you are done with creating your portable document format, open the file with the Scanner App – PDF Editor. From the menu, you can rotate, crop, or add different filters to pages in order to customize your documents. You can also try OCR to edit texts in PDF and insert signatures to personalize your papers even more.
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PDF Combiner

PDF merging is made easy with this amazing app as it comes with a PDF merger, capable of turning multiple pages into a single PDF. How to scan and combine within one app? Open the Scanner app and take your snapshots of papers. You can also import scanned documents from your iPhone library or cloud services like iCloud or Google. Collect all of them in one place, select, and tap on merge to instantly produce your own book. It’s super convenient in terms of readying assignments, creating notices, legal papers, agreements, and so on.
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pdf merger and combiner

App Features

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Scan PDF with Camera

Open your iPhone camera and place the documents within the frame to capture with edge perfection and produce the ideal PDF file.
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Choose from LIbrary or Cloud

Your papers are stored in your phone library, or maybe Google Drive? Open the app and import files directly from anywhere to scan PDFs.
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Edit Frame and Border

Resize your scanned documents during and even after the scanning operation to leave zero chances of errors.
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Combine Multiple Pages

Scan several pages in one go and combine them to create a PDF copy. Add, modify, or delete pages anytime you want with the best PDF combiner app.
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Attach a Signature

Validate your important documents by attaching personal signatures and manage official, legal, or business papers with ease.
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Create Unlimited Folders

Worried about losing track of so many files? Scanner app lets you create unlimited folders within the app to sort and organize your documents into order.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I am an attorney, and my assistant often scans all my documents. I recently heard about the free PDF scanner app to create PDF and haven’t looked back yet. It is super simple to use, and the scans are uploaded in high quality.

Best rating for iOS apps
Josh Maxwell

I have been using the Scanner app for quite some time. The OCR technology, as well as the camera scanner and jpeg to pdf conversion process, works excellent here. So far, the Scanner app-pdf editor is the best pdf scanner app I have found for my iPhone.

Best rating for iOS apps
Jacob Williams

I was looking for a good pdf document scanning app for my iPhone. My work requires me to send important pdf files to my boss or clients on very short notice. I use the PDF scanner app to quickly scan and send them in either jpeg or pdf format.

Best rating for iOS apps
Tom Milton

This app features some of the handiest document scanning tools I’ve ever used. I mostly use the PDF combiner and converter features that help me create complete PDF files within seconds. Definitely the best PDF scanner app, worth recommending.

Best rating for iOS apps
Christian Storey

I run a small business here & this free PDF scanner app has been a big savior. I don’t need to invest in a photo scanner anymore as I can capture documents even in low-light & edit PDF files seamlessly. OCR is perfectly accurate in this scanner app too. 5 stars!

Best rating for iOS apps
Roger Paradis

Premium Features of PDF Scanner

pdf Scanner app for iPHone

Premium Features

  • Scan or source documents from Camera Roll, iCloud, or Google Drive folders.
  • Edit scanned copies’ frame and border.
  • Multiple page PDF support.
  • Add or remove pages to modify PDF.
  • Insert signatures into documents.
  • Scan to save as PDF or JPG format.
  • Create and manage PDF folders.
  • Share PDF files with others.
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Frequently Asked

How do I scan a PDF from my iPhone?
Download and install Scanner App – PDF Editor on your iPhone to start. Place your document on a flat surface and open the application. Place the papers you’d like to convert to PDF within the camera frame and hold it steady for the app to capture the frame correctly. Tap the shutter button when you’re ready to scan and create a PDF from your iPhone.
What is the best PDF Scanner app for iPhone?
Scanner App – PDF Editor is a versatile iPhone app consisting of scanning, editing, and sharing features. You can scan with your camera or take an image to convert into PDF, or even import PDF from iCloud or local storage. Taking pride in being an all-around app with every relevant feature, it is the best PDF scanner app for iPhone.
What is the best way to scan receipts?
iPhone apps have gone way further than any conventional methods of managing papers and documents, and receipts are no different. Scanner App – PDF Editor is essentially a document scanner app capable of reading receipts and saving them on your iPhone. Simply install the app and open your camera to scan the receipt and store it instantly on your device. The days of losing important purchase information are no more when you have this app in your pocket.
How do you combine PDFs on iPhone?
Download and install Scanner App – PDF Editor to easily combine multiple PDFs into one single format. Open the app, scan several pages at once and store them within the application library. You can also import existing PDF pages into the library as well. When you’re ready, select all of the pages and simply select the option “Merge” to combine into one PDF.
What is an OCR scanner?
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It’s a technology that can recognize text formats within a soft copy of a document and convert it into an editable version. Scanner App – PDF Editor can read texts from any scanned documents or screenshots and convert them into PDFs, which can be copyable for the user.

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