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About Photo Editor App for iPhone & iPad

The Photo Editor is one of the most stunning photo editing apps for iPhone to recreate and redesign your photos. Lighten up cute selfies and portraits to make them more attractive while maintaining higher resolution because, unlike other online photo editors, this app does not downscale images. You can combine both black and white color effects to get an artistic and creative photo. The selective color effect produces a vibrant and colorful studio-quality image. Photo retouching and picture editing are two essential features of this app alongside multi-touch functions. Photo Editor lets you save a project inside the app for later editing. So, use the app and achieve a seamless and professional photo editing experience.

Photo Editor key features:

  • Splash grayscale or any color in your photo manually
  • Multi-touch zoom feature to move the cursor or locator fast and accurately
  • Configure the brush size and opacity in splashing
  • Magnifying glass for editing the edge and corner smoothly
  • Undo and Redo option to go back to any moment of editing
  • Near 100 photo filters to sort out the best combination
  • Full editing support for the crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, RGB, mask, tone, hue, etc.

Core Functionality

Versatile Photo Editing App for iPhone

Versatile Photo Editing App

The app is a full-featured photo editor that allows you to manipulate your pictures for Facebook, Instagram, etc. Presets and filters make the app one of the best photo editing apps. Create and share aesthetic doodles, wallpaper, etc. If you are a photographer, use the app to edit your photography. You can also use it for photo painting effects and sketches.


The app accesses the camera of the phone to capture and edit photos instantly. So an alternative to your camera app is standing out there for you! Amaze your audience with multi-dimensional editing.

Crop and Mask Image

Crop & resize pictures effortlessly with the essential photo editing tools included in this app. Fabulous design and ease of access give complete control to tweak images—the days of finding a way to crop images online end with this app’s arrival. Crop the desired images in high quality with no pixel loss. The app is glitch-free and provides functions to increase the resolution of images.


Additionally, improve the quality of your images using various resizing tools like crop, rotate and color correction functions such as exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, hue.

Image Cropping with Photo Editor for iPhone & iPad
Brush Size Adjustment

Retouch with Brush Size

The brush tool in the app is configurable and adjustable to any size. Zoom in and out with a multi-finger touch. Make the brush size larger or smaller in the brush menu. Add color to the photos for blending objects to achieve deep variation. Magnify the picture to zoom in and select the picture part manually. This is an important feature you cannot find in a free online photo editor.


Use the brush tool as an image background remover or color painter. Adjust the skin blemishes and tone of your photo to refine the selfie or close portrait.

Filters and Presets

This app comes with nearly 100 image filters to enhance the beauty of your pictures. From vintage photo filters to classy style, Photo Editor houses 12 distinct filter categories to help you change the outlook of photos. Turn your photo editing ideas into reality by tinkering with the image enhancement filters & dressing up your profile & cover photos a new.


Photo Editor allows you to instantly share the edited pictures on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Photo Filters and Presets

App Features

Refined Design

Refined Design

Sleek & intuitive design gives comfortable access & redirects you directly to all the necessary options with no hassle.
Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass can extend the image’s point of view and enlarges the whole photo. By watching the pixel curves and edges, users can draw flawless color paths.
Smart Autosaving

Smart Autosaving

Automatic project saving relieves you from the headache of losing important data and workflow if you lose the battery in the middle of the editing process.
Wallpaper Photo Maker

Wallpaper Photo Maker

Take beautiful selfies and create elegant portraits to use as your iPhone wallpaper with the help of this app.
Graphic Filter Collection

Graphic Filter

Photo filters are helpful to grade the color of a picture according to its nature to determine the environment or symbolize the user’s appetite and perfection.
Splash Grayscale


Color and grayscale both are super helpful features to edit a photo. It allows changing the opacity of any color of the image while editing a black and white picture.

User Reviews

A multifaceted photo editor with hundreds of filters and photo editing tools like crop image, image background remover, splash recolor, and so on. I could be creative and playful with this image editor app and share instantly to Instagram & Facebook.

Laura Paige

I love this app. As an amateur photographer, I needed the best photo editing app to make my picture even more stunning. This app has hundreds of photo color effects and filters to choose from. Also, can crop and resize images with great ease. I would definitely recommend this app.

Oliver Wright

I love taking photos and therefore I love this photo editor app. It has full-fledged photo filters, photo editing tools, crop image options and even a superb bokeh option as image background remover. This app has tons of image-enhancing options for my mobile snapped images.

Gul Mehek

This app is everything I’ve always needed for a photo editor app. The beauty filters, effects & photo editing tools are fantastic to use. I simply love this image editing app as it allows me to create & edit anything I want on the fly.

Erin Hays

I do freelance photography so this free photo editor app came in clutch for me as I do my photo editing constantly on the go. With many unique photo filters and crop images, this app makes all my photos look vibrant and authentic.

Jason Tiller


Photo Editor for iPhone & iPad Premium features:

Photo Editor Premium features:

  • 100+ built-in photo filters
  • Intelligent masking and cropping feature
  • Instant sharing to social media
  • Magnifying glass for precise editing
  • Adjusting the brush tool opacity

Frequently Asked

Is an online image editor better than a photo editor app?
No, it’s not. In online photo editors, you would have to upload your pictures to edit them, leading to security risk. An online editor will have a copy of your uploaded and edited images on their site, which they might sell without your knowledge. In contrast, the developers of photo editing apps cannot use your images without your permission. Also, online editors are slower than any picture editing apps.
Why should I use Photo Editor?
Photo Editor is a smart image maker app that allows you to produce vibrant pictures. This free photo-editing application integrates a variety of tools and filters to help you create breathtaking scenic shots. There are more than 100 picture filters such as beauty, vintage or classy filters. Also, you can crop images and share them instantly on social media.
What kind of edits can I apply to my pictures with this app?
There are plenty of ways you can edit and enhance your digital photos. Make improvements to your pics using the photo retouching tool. To polish your selfie or close portrait, adjust the skin blemishes of your frame. With the basic image editing tools included with this app, you can crop and resize images with ease.
How can I add color photo effects to my pics?
By using the paint brush tool in the photo editor app, you can add color to your images to achieve deep variation. You can zoom in and out with a multi-finger touch. Also, you can control the size of the brush. Use the brush tool to remove the background from the image or as a color painter. Color and grayscale are also extremely useful image editing features. You can also add colors to your images while editing black and white using the photo editor.
How to correct a picture after editing it incorrectly?
To save your edited photo projects, the picture editor app has a project manager. If you have incorrectly edited your pictures, then you could immediately remedy them using the app’s Undo and Redo features. If you want to continue editing a photo once you’ve finished editing it, you can save the project for later use.

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