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About the Best PhotoSafe Vault - Private Pic App for iPhone & iPad

Photo Safe Vault is the best app to hide pictures & videos on iPhone using a pin passcode. Keep your gallery safe and restrict access through a custom password using our app. Lock images and videos with just a couple of taps to create your safe vault. You can keep your private photographs and videos in password-encrypted storage that is impossible to hack or open.


You can create a secret album or add an existing album to the app’s list of restricted items. Insert images from your gallery with the help of the most effortless pan gesture. Transfer personal files you don’t want to share with anyone directly to a secret picture vault. The vaults act as a locker where you can view the hidden images anytime you want.


Link your cloud accounts to back up the hidden photos on your iPhone. The app allows you to link your Google Drive account, Dropbox, One Drive, and even a Wi-Fi sync option to make it easier to import photos and videos. Your access is secured with safe locks, meaning you will be notified if random individuals try to enter your private storage. The break-in alerts even show the used fake PIN, making it the best photo locker app online. Some of the best features include:

  • Secure private photos and videos with
    the app’s “hide my pictures” feature
  • Private browser with integrated touch ID feature
  • Fake ID break-in alert
  • Cloud import option
  • User-friendly interface

Core Functionality

App Lock Protection with Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic

Advanced App Lock Protection

Photo Safe Vault is a one-stop solution to image protection, securing video files, albums, documents, cards & IDs, and more! Its advanced passcode encryption implies a simple yet hard breach safety lock to protect your personal contents.


You can essentially make your files invisible with the app lock and hide them from public access. The app tells you how to lock hidden photos on your iPhone and helps you form an image vault within the phone by setting up a simple password.

Private Web Browser

The app comes with a private web browser that allows you to surf the internet anonymously. Protected with a Touch ID feature, you get privileged access to surf the web without leaving any trace. Along with the album safe lock and image protection, you can effortlessly search for personal matters & keep your confidentiality safe and secure.


The web browser asks to set up a fingerprint on initiation. Once your fingerprint is saved, the browser will only open with your touch ID. Therefore, nobody else will be able to access your browsing history.

Private Web Browser Protected with Touch ID feature
Import photos and videos from cloud with Photo Vault iPhone App

Photo Vault With Cloud Support

Storing files has never been easier as the app lets users import photos and videos from the cloud. Now you can lock videos and images of your cloud storage directly from there.


Simply import them to your phone with the app and create private photo albums to store them. Improve your Google Photos’ privacy protection with our app using the advanced app lock system. Your memories are already backed up; now, it’s easy to protect pictures and recordings of those memories exclusively.

Break-in Alert

The break-in alert is one of the most interesting features of the app. It automatically captures pictures using the front camera whenever someone tries to access the app & locked photos on your iPhone.


This essentially makes it even more convenient to keep sensitive images safe and personalize albums to create a more private environment. The app can even show you the fake code used in the attempted break-in process. As a result, you can take the necessary steps to prevent future incidents and establish a more secure photo vault in the process.

Break-in alert when someone tries to access

App Features

lock images on iphone using photo vault app

Lock Image Files

Select multiple photos using super-easy pan gesture and lock them at the same time through the in-app hider.
Lock Videos on iphone using photo vault app

Lock Videos

Lock Videos on iPhone using our latest app lock feature and encrypt the recordings to hide them.
secret photo vault to hide private pics and videos

Fake Passcode

Use a fake passcode to enter into a different app gallery from the actual one. You can customize it & let people see the pictures you want them to see.
Break in Notification password protected folder for images


Receive a notification every time someone tries to enter your albums and locked safe, including attempted passcode hacking.
Import image from cloud library on your iPhone

Cloud Import

Import your videos and photos from cloud storage into your phone and encrypt them for safekeeping.
Private surfing on iphone

Private Browser

Use our in-built private web browser secured with your own touch ID, and safely surf the internet anonymously.

User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

Photo Vault is my secret album that allows me to hide my pictures, lock image, and lock videos. I have not had any issues with my privacy being jeopardized. The app has a nice UI and lets me create a 4 digit pin as a passcode for added security.

Best rating for iOS apps
Robert Taylor

This photo vault app is awesome. Now I can lock images and can also lock videos whenever I want. It allowed me to create a secret album that can hide my pictures and videos. It indeed is one of the best photo locker app I have ever used.

Best rating for iOS apps
Martin hanrick

This photo vault app is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an app to hide my private photos and videos. It is highly secure with an app locker using a passcode or touch ID. It is the best photo locker app, and I would highly recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Phoebe Harris

It’s a fantastic photo vault app. I’ve been searching for something like this to hide my pictures & private videos safely on my iPhone. I love the security of this app mostly. It even takes photos of the person who tries to break in. How cool is that?

Best rating for iOS apps
Jermey Barrows

I wouldn’t realize how useful a photo vault can be if not for this amazing locker app. It lets you lock images & videos in a secret album, protected by a passcode and accessible only to you. I use it to keep my private pictures safe and secure all the time.

Best rating for iOS apps
Wendy Liddell

Photo Safe Vault for iPhone & iPad

Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic iPhone App Premium Features

Premium Features of Photo Safe Vault - Private Pic

  • Password encryption to hide photos and videos on iPhone
  • Private web browser feature with touch ID
  • Create secret albums directly within the app
  • Get notifications for fake pin attempts
  • Import from Google cloud, Dropbox, One Drive, and Wi-Fi synchronization
  • Customize specific covers for albums
  • Fake passcode feature

Frequently Asked

Is Photo Vault safe on iPhone?
Yes. Photo Vault, including all the app features, is entirely safe. The app is solely responsible to safely hide away your personal images & videos from the prying eyes. Unparalleled security & data privacy provided by our app means that you will never have to worry about the safety of your pictures on your iPhone anymore.
What is the best photo vault app for iPhone?
Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic is the best photo locker app to hide and create secret albums on iPhone. The app features numerous other handy options as well that are essential for apps like this. Break-in alert & fake passcode system are two such features that stand ahead of the rest of the functionalities to provide a more secure platform to safeguard private contents.
Can I password protect hidden photos on my iPhone?
Yes. You can use passwords to lock hidden photos on your iPhone using this app. Photo Safe vault app provides numerous ways to hide away your confidential photos & videos safely as well. You can password lock the whole app or specific folders for a more personalized experience. Our app supports Apple’s Face ID & Touch ID system as well for a quicker response.
Can you lock the hidden album on iPhone?
To safely lock away hidden albums or create new hidden albums on your iPhone, you have to use apps like Photo Vault. That’s because you can’t lock any folders on your iPhone by default. iPhone’s Photos app has an option to hide away pictures, but it doesn’t lock the folder. And the folder itself can be accessed by everyone as well.
How do I know who accessed my photos?
Install the Photo Safe Vault app to get notifications of break-in attempts to access your locked photos. You will also see the fake pin that has been used for breaking in, including the alert. Moreover, the app also sneakily takes selfies with the front camera of the person as soon as they enter the wrong password. Thanks to this Photo Safe Vault app, it’s really easy now to identify people who try to pry into your private space.

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