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About the QR Code Reader App for iPhone

QR Code Reader is the absolute app for all your codes and barcodes. QR codes are matrix barcodes that are essentially shortcuts leading to websites, email addresses, ads, tags, and almost anywhere with a digital presence. They are the immediate upgrade to barcodes, a machine-readable presentation with bars and spaces containing information. Both types of formats can be read with optical scanners, such as our smartphones.


Similar to some other brands, Apple has integrated a code decoder with their cameras to read these visual representations of information. While it is handy, the camera app features only the basic code scanning system. You can’t read all codes, create your own codes to share with friends and colleagues, or even save them. This is where the QR reader comes in.


QR Code Reader lets you scan QR codes and 2d barcode labels on items to acquire the attached information. Its lightning-fast operation is precise and convenient; hence, you’ll get the details on your phone in the blink of an eye. Like, literally.


Unlike most scanners, you can also create a QR code of your own with this app. Whether it’s your business website, social profile, or a portfolio, make a QR code for a URL and share it with others. The application saves the history of your scanned codes and created codes so that you never lose your data. Free download the QR scanner and go through your everyday life with ease using this excellent app.

Core Functionality

Scan QR code Fast with QR Code Reader App

Super-Fast Scan

QR and bar codes are literally everywhere these days as they’re widely used by businesses, retailers, manufacturers, shops, and more. You could even find a code on the cup of your coffee to go for the day.


So how to scan a QR code on the phone every minute when you also have to move on with your work? The answer: QR Code Reader for iPhone. Its lightning-fast scanning can read any coded data under a second and instantly get the details for you.


Its speed does not compromise the performance and brings the most accurate information to the smartphone for your convenience.

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Easy to Operate

Speaking of convenience, using this efficient app is an effortless process. With so many QR code labels available on goods, you can only put so much effort into gathering information in the process. That includes pressing buttons and waiting for the code to decode, which results in wasted time.


The app defies all of these as it requires no effort at all to scan. Simply install the scanner app, open it and point the code within the app’s frame. The code details will pop up instantly while you didn’t even have to touch your screen or tap any buttons!

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Easy to use QR Code Reader App
Save all scanned history on the app

Save Scan History

Along with the remarkable scanning ability, the app also saves the scanned QR code history as you go. Every scanned code and collected URL is preserved within the app’s history page, where you can recheck them anytime you want.


You can edit and delete your scan list to make it more relevant and useful. This practical feature is pretty handy because you never lose the obtained information. You scanned a promotional content or an ad, and you’d like to recheck the offer? Just navigate to the app’s history, and it’s there.

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QR Code Generator

Last but not the least, another useful function of this app is it is also a QR code creator. You can generate a variety of barcodes and QRs using the app’s built-in feature. The app allows you to create your very own machine-readable code for different purposes like website URL, email address, notes, phone numbers, and more, making it the best QR code generator app.


You can direct your consumers to your website by sharing a custom QR code with a logo or sharing your social and business profile links with your friends and associates.

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Generate a QR code with QR Code Reader iPhone App

App Features

Scan QR and Barcode on iPhone

Scan QR and Barcode

Scan QR codes and barcodes both with super speed that brings up the embedded information instantly.
Point and Scan

Point and

Just point the visual image of the code within the frame of the app and do nothing else; your question will be answered in a second.
QR Code generator for iPhone

Create Your
Own QR

Generate a QR or barcode of your website, address, mail, or profile through a couple of touches with this QR code maker app.
Share with People

Share with

Instantly share your QR codes with friends, colleagues, clients using the app’s built-in feature to make it easier to find you.
Scan Library Photos

Scan Library

You can even scan saved QR images and barcodes from your phone’s gallery. Simply allow the required permission, and it’s accessible.
Flashlight Supported Scan

Supported Scan

The app will assist you even in the dark as you can turn on the phone’s flashlight while scanning, reducing the chance of incorrect or missing code.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I use a qr scanner a lot on items and coupons so the QR Code Reader was a no-brainer for me. I was able to scan business cards and magazines with ease. The UI is ultra-friendly and it scans every barcode item with superior accuracy.

Best rating for iOS apps
Yolanda Brown

This QR code reader is an extremely helpful scanner app, having the ability to read both QR codes and barcodes. I was simply astounded by the scanning speed; it’s so fast and accurate. With the added QR code generator, frankly a complete package.

Best rating for iOS apps
Rusty Bolin

This is the fastest QR Code & barcode scanner app I’ve used so far. I’ve been searching for a QR reader for scanning in the dark with the flashlight & this is it! The app lets me make a QR code for others & keeps history as well! Highly recommended!

Best rating for iOS apps
Kyle O'Rourke

A lightning-fast QR scanner, and I’m not exaggerating anything. This QR code reader is also a barcode scanner and saves every scanned data automatically inside the app. Love the in-app QR code generator, one of a kind tool for making your own QR codes.

Best rating for iOS apps
Gerard Noda

This premium QR scanner app has the most effective barcode scanner and QR code reader. Now my imported products take less time for final clearance. It also has a QR code generator, which seems to be a bonus feature for me.

Best rating for iOS apps
Ben chris

Premium Features

QR Code Reader iPhone App Premium Features

Premium Features

  • Scan QR codes and barcode labels
  • Save your scanned codes and URLs in the scan history
  • Create custom QR codes with different categories
  • Share your QR and barcodes with friends
  • Scan saved QR from your phone’s library
  • Use the flashlight within the app while scanning in lowlight or the dark
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Frequently Asked

Does iPhone have a built-in QR code reader?
Yes. The camera app itself is a QR reader that scans when you point the camera towards code labels. Although the feature is there, it has limitations regarding various codes and saving the information afterward. A third-party app like the QR Code Reader is the best solution in this case.
Can you scan a QR code without an app?
Yes. You can scan with the built-in scanner feature in the phone’s camera. However, you can’t save or share the codes without an app, and that’s where the QR Code Reader for iPhone comes in.
How do you turn a URL into a QR code?
Install the QR Code Reader app on your iPhone and navigate to the QR code generator section. From the list of categories, select “Website” and enter your link to create a QR code for the respected URL.
How do I keep a QR code on my iPhone?
You can save the image file of a QR on your iPhone library. Furthermore, you can scan items from the library using the best QR Code Reader online. With this app, all your scanned items are automatically saved and stored on your device for future use.
Is the app a 3d barcode scanner?
While it does support both QR and 2D barcodes, the app is not a 3d barcode scanner.

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