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About Ringtones : Ringtone Maker App for iPhone

Ringtones : Ringtone Maker is a custom tone generator to create mellifluent ringtones for your iPhone. It is a ringtone maker for the iPhone that can be installed for free with a library of amazing ringtones that can lull the audience around you, thanks to the pre-collection of soothing tunes it offers onboard.


Next comes the clipping facility. Clip your music via mixer and splitter to produce customizable ringtones, and personalize your iPhone sounds to a euphonic level. Use this as a complete audio cutter and editor to resize your songs. This app offers studio-quality melody and tunes that produce minimum distortion of audio effects. Go with the beats and tracks for mind soothing sessions that this app offers. But that’s not all; ringtone Maker features goodies like:
  • Unlimited ringtone creation
  • Innovative trimmer option to control the start and end time easily
  • Categories for popular music genre
  • Extensive collection of different types of melodies
  • Mark favorite ringtones
  • Automatic updates of popular and trending music
  • Content sharing via iMessage, Email, WhatsApp, etc.

Core Functionality

Free Music Collection with Ringtone Maker App

Popular Ringtone Collection

By using numerous tones included in this ringtone app, say goodbye to dull and outdated iPhone’s default ringtones.

You can modify the tone of your iPhone’s message and notification sounds with ease. With this ringtone creator app, you’ll never have to worry about how to change ringtones on iPhone again.

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Clip Cutter and Trimmer

This app is most reliable for its editing feature, like a professional digital audio workstation program. Play an audio clip, listen to certain parts and trim to cut the portion you want to use as ringtones. The starting and ending times show how the post-cut duration would look. An indicator shows the part of the clip that is playing at the present moment. Once finished trimming, save the part of the clip that is playing at the present moment.
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Audio trimmer with Ringtone Maker iPhone App
Ringtone categories of Ringtone Maker App

Ringtone Categories
and Genres

More than ten music types and genres make this app a variable source of music. The more options you get, the more filtering of preferences options you can have. Open the app and find the categories labeled as Country, Rock, Electronica, Latin, Instrumental, Rap & Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Blues, etc. Each class provides uncountable music tracks pre-stored in the app and its database.
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Share your Favorites

Browse the ringtones from the following categories and mark your favorite items to listen to that later. A separate menu will keep the favorite things and sort a list. Find the downloaded favorites in the My tones menu and return anytime to any clips, whether a simple touch of editing needs to process any ringtone in a new way.


Share the exported ringtones with friends and family after the trimming. Use iMessage, WhatsApp, or Email for sharing.

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Share favorite ringtones

App Features

Trendy Ringtones For iPhone

Trendy Ringtones

Trendy ringtones are indispensable and create an urgency of responding. A new ringtone establishes a sense of attention to emphasize picking up a call.
Tune Trimmer

Tune Trimmer

Trimming is significant to create ringtones out of a whole music track. It shortens music files to provide good accessibility to all-time favorite music melodies and beats.
Categories tracks

Categorize tracks

Stacking out or differentiating track categories reflect any individual’s personality. It focuses on the listener’s interests and sorts out the music of a user’s choice.
Ease of Access

Ease of Access

A well-categorized interface lets you find each option for more convenient feature usage. This app offers better accessibility to favorites and helps create tones more conveniently.
Favorite Song Maker for iPhone

Favorite Tones

The Ringtone maker saves songs in the favorites menu and allows you to mark favorite items for future reference. It solves the problem of losing any favorite songs you have in the app library.
Share Music

Share Music

Music sharing functionality is way easier with this app. Easily share your audio masteries with your friends and family. After all, some good music can touch the heart of anyone.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

A fantastic app for anyone who loves to crop down unique pieces of music for free ringtone. I absolutely love this ring tone generator. Why do I have to search for websites for silly ringtones when I have this fabulous audio trimmer in hand? Absolutely brilliant.

Best rating for iOS apps
Scott William

Preloaded ringtones on my iPhone were starting to get boring. I found this ringtone maker app and now I have over 50 custom ringtones of my favorite mp3 files. This app gave me the best songs to use.

Best rating for iOS apps
Larry Winston

Finally, a ringtone maker app that works flawlessly. I can choose songs from a rich collection or iTunes. Selecting a specific part of a song is simple & then I can use the audio trimmer to create iPhone ringtones. Must have app for ringtone lovers.

Best rating for iOS apps
Toby Williams

It’s the best ringtone maker app. This app seamlessly converts any song into a ringtone. I no longer have to listen to those preloaded and boring ringtones anymore. Also, it has an audio trimmer to cut your tones. Just loved it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Ryan Oliveira

Unlike some people, I still love to set custom ringtones on my iPhone. This ringtone maker app and mp3 converter truly helped me create music from my favorite songs using the in-app tone generator. The audio trimmer is easy and straightforward. Love it!

Best rating for iOS apps
Elizabeth Knutson

Ringtone Maker for iPhone

Ringtone Maker App Premium Features

Premium Features of Ringtone Maker

  • Tons of hit legendary music
  • Ringtone sharing functionality
  • Accurate trimming tool
  • 10+ ringtone categories
  • Premium App opens up more flexibility in your platter
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Frequently Asked

Can I make a custom ringtone with my iPhone?
Yes, you can. With the help of the Ringtones : Ringtone Maker app, you can easily make your own ringtones. This app is a custom tone generator and can convert any audio file into beautiful tones. Use the built-in audio trimmer to resize your songs to create personalized ringtones. You can also download from the app’s vast collection of music from different genres to set as your ringtone.
How can I set my favorite downloaded songs as my ringtones?
It is simple and straightforward. Open the Ringtones : Ringtone Maker app, and from the music library, select your favorite downloaded tracks for converting them into m4r ringtones. With the best ringtone app, you can turn any files into your tones. If the music tracks are too long, then cut the audio using the trimmer that accompanies the app.
How do I trim a music file with the Ringtone Maker app?
Trimming songs is no big deal anymore. The Ringtone app comes with a built-in mp3 audio cutter to shorten the length of your music. The music trimmer tool appears after you have selected your favorite songs from the music library. Play the audio, watch the spectrum, and set the selection points to cut or trim. You can also create text alerts or notification tones.
Where can I download new ringtones for my iPhone?
The Ringtone Maker app comes with its own catalog of audio sound tracks that you can use as ringtones. This app allows you to download songs from over ten different styles and genres of music, making it a versatile music outlet. Find the categories Country, Rock, Electronica, Latin, Instrumental, Rap, hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Blues, and other songs as your ringtones when you open the app.
Why should I use this Ringtone Maker App?
First of all, it is a free-to-install ringtone maker app that can be downloaded from the App Store. Also, it is the best music ringtones creator app for your iPhone. With this app, you can convert any MP3 songs into ringtones. You can use the audio clipper tool to shorten the length of your track. Also, the app has an extensive collection of custom tones of its own which is regularly updated.

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