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About Screen Recorder App for iPhone

Bringing powerful video recording technology to your iPhone, the Screen Recorder app simplifies the entire process of capturing your phone’s screen. Multifaceted sets of functions make it possible for effortless recording & editing on the fly. And that’s not all – add reaction & commentary to videos, convert recordings to GIF & instantly share them on other social media apps to enhance your screen capturing experience.


From casual usage to professional purposes, our screen recorder has set the gold standard for other apps. Sleek & intuitive interface makes navigating through the screen recording app more accessible, even for users who are not technologically advanced. Set video capturing parameter at the beginning & record your screen easily with a single tap of your finger. Recording the screen has never been this easier.


Even though Apple has incorporated native built-in features to capture the iPhone screen, its lack of diverse functionalities leaves a lot to be desired. Our video screen capture app fills that disparity by letting you achieve more with the recorded videos – create educational & how-to videos, record gameplay without compromising the capturing quality.


Video has become a normalized media to use in every aspect of our lives. Our screen recorder does not only provide a straightforward way to record the screen but also accommodates an editor for basic editing. From trimming videos to applying simple filters to them makes this app as one of the best screen recorders available in the App Store.

Core Functionality

Record Your Screen with Screen Recorder app for iPhone

Easy Screen Recording &
Configurable Settings

The Screen Recorder app for iPhone is highly accessible when it comes to using the features. The process of capturing the screen can be started flawlessly with the touch of a finger.


Users can set the recording preference before starting it. Screen capture in high resolution by changing the settings, adjusting bit rate & frame rate, all while without compromising the capturing quality. Create high-quality video content for different usage & share them directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Robust Face Cam Recorder

Screen Recorder app for iPhone lets you record your reaction to any videos with ease. You have the freedom to react either to your already recorded videos or add a reaction to the videos saved in your camera roll. But that’s not all – the app incorporates features that allow you to react directly to YouTube videos.


You don’t need to have those YouTube videos saved on your device. Just copy the link of the video & paste it into the app to start your reaction journey. Changeable face cam overlay only makes the whole experience smoother.

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Record Your Face with Screen Recorder's Face cam
Screen Capture With Audio Support

Add Audio & Commentary

Screen Recorder app for iPhone is a powerful tool for creating various types of videos for personal & professional needs. Unparalleled audio recording quality while capturing your screen provides the user opportunities to produce all sorts of content.


Create educational tutorials, walkthroughs, guides & simple how-to videos with your audiences on social platforms & showcase your creativity effortlessly.

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Powerful Video Editor

Versatile yet straightforward tools integrated into this video recording app enables you to edit videos on the fly after capturing them. The video editor has the ability to trim down the videos before sharing them. You can adjust the volume of the captured recordings & even tinker with the speed to make videos appear more appealing.


The app gives you more freedom to dress up your videos with the 10+ basic filters included within. Besides editing, the capability of converting a video to a GIF is one of the most prominent features of this app. In addition, you can also add stickers to your video recordings.

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Screen Recorder app for iPhone with Built in Video Editor

App Features

Customizable Settings for iPhone Screen Recorder

Customizable Settings

Change video recording preference before starting the screen capture. From HD capture to SD & changeable bit rate, framerate offers the user flexibility.
Convert Videos to GIF

Convert Videos to GIF

Record your screen to capture videos & instantly convert them to GIF without a hitch; the process is spontaneous.
Adding Reaction to Videos

Add Reaction to Videos

Add reaction to all kinds of videos on your iPhone. Reacting to YouTube videos can be done easily; adjust face cam overlay position as you wish.
8+ Elegant Visualizations

Smart Video Editor Function

The app can edit recorded videos making it stand out before others. Adjust volume, speed, then trim & apply enhancement filters on the fly.
Sharing with Social Media Apps

Share on Social Media

Share your normal videos, moments of triumph in gaming, or educational videos with other apps like Mail, Messenger, Facebook & Instagram.
Recording Audio & commentary

Recording Audio & Commentary

The app features functions that let you record videos & add audios to them simultaneously. High-quality audio elevates the whole video.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

As a gamer, I frequently post videos on YouTube. I do this by recording my gameplays on my iPhone’s screen. For this, I needed a good screen recorder app, and so I used this app. It is the best app to capture screen video from your iPhone. I would highly recommend this app to everyone.

Best rating for iOS apps
Jacob Anderson

This screen recording app has a facecam recorder. I used this app to create reaction video recordings of popular YouTube content. The screen capture app also has a built-in video editing tool. This app is the best screen recorder app, and I highly recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Michael Rodriguez

This is my favorite screen recording app so far. The facecam recorder was super fun. I am a gamer, so the screen capture options came in handy for my gameplay on my iPhone. When it comes to recording, this is the app I rely on.

Best rating for iOS apps
Larry Winston

As someone who does YouTube reaction videos & record screen for gameplay videos, this screen recorder app is a blessing. I can add voice commentary in high quality to my video recordings & instantly share them with friends. Having this app is a no-brainer.

Best rating for iOS apps
Eldred Hamill

Surely the best screen recorder I’ve ever used! I record games and share on my YouTube channel. Using its killer iPhone screen record feature, I can modify recording quality, fps and add face cam reactions to my videos. A recording app worth recommending.

Best rating for iOS apps
Randy Cutler

Screen Recorder App for iPhone

Premium Features of Screen Recorder app for iPhone

Premium Features of Screen Recorder for iPhone App

  • One-tap screen capturing functionality
  • Customizable resolution, frame rate & bit rate
  • Add face cam reaction to both your & YouTube videos
  • Seamless conversion of video files to GIF
  • Unparalleled audio quality for adding to videos & recordings
  • Seamless sharing with other apps like Mail, Facebook, etc.
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Frequently Asked

Is it possible to capture video without audio on iPhone?
There are no separate or integrated options in the Screen Recorder app for iPhone to block audio recording while the screen capturing process is going on. If you don’t intend to capture audio while recording your screen, you have to mute your iPhone to ensure that the app doesn’t record it. That is the only way so far.
The video file size of my recordings is too large. How to reduce it?
Screen Recorder app gives the users total freedom on how they want to capture a video. By tweaking the video capturing preference, you can easily reduce the file size. Adjust your resolution, frame rate & bit rate from setting before starting video recording. Play with it to find out the most optimal settings you’re looking for. Reduced quality will yield a much smaller file size.
Can I adjust the position & size of the face cam overlay?
Changing the face cam overlay position is an essential feature to anyone who is into live streaming or creating reaction videos. Our Screen Recorder for iPhone app easily lets you position the overlay into four different sections of the screen. Although you can’t adjust the size of the face cam overlay yet, this is something we’re looking into adding in the future.
Can I live-stream my screen recording to Facebook & YouTube?
Yes, you can. Live streaming to popular platforms can now be done directly using this Screen Recorder for iPhone app. You can live stream iPhone screen to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch with the live stream option.
How to add my own commentary/narration when creating a tutorial on iPhone?
The process of adding commentary to the videos you’ve captured is quite straightforward with the Screen Recorder app for iPhone. This feature is invaluable for those who want to create walkthroughs for games or presentations for office work & tutorials. To do it, tap on the Commentary button >> select videos from My Recordings or Camera Roll >>  Select your video >> Press Start.

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