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About Sleep Sounds & White Noise App for iPhone

Sleep Sounds & White Noise enthralls you into a powerful and deep state of sleep. It’s a popular sound app designed for iPhone. If you have a sleepless night due to insomnia or any other reason, Sleep Sounds & White Noise lets you hear sleep music. Sound effects and natural sounds of soft rain, waterfall, forest are recorded from authentic places and sources.


The relaxing sleep music separates you from any disturbance around you. Get rid of all tiredness accumulated through anxiety and lack of sleep. Relaxing meditation brings up inner peace & assists you to get rid of sleep anxiety as well.


Sleep Sound & White Noise is launched with customizable features and various collections of sounds to fall asleep. It also captivates the listeners with immersive sleep stories for adults and kids. Play your kids soothing lullaby songs. Try Sleep Sounds & White Noise and play the sleeping sounds to know how to sleep longer and deeper.
  • Dreamy and mystic sound effects for a quick sleep
  • Categorized for sleep and meditation music
  • Music compose feature for mixing different melodies to create your own soundscape
  • Massive collection of guided meditations to help with stress & anxiety
  • Lullaby & Bedtime stories for adults and children
  • Bedtime reminder & alarm clock to remind you to sleep & wake you up with serene melodies

Core Functionality

Relax Melodies Collection for iPhone

Robust Collection of Sleeping Melodies

A vast amount of natural melodies, white noises & night sounds effects are available to help you block out the annoying outside noises & assist you to feel relaxed. High-quality recordings of birds, jungle, waterfall & other natural phenomena tranquilize both soul & mind, letting you slowly drift into a peaceful, nourishing slumber. Play the music & travel into the deepest part of the forest in your imagination while staying home. Our app makes sure that you never miss out on those sweet dreams.
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Meditation and Bedtime Story

By incorporating numerous guides on meditation designed & written by reputed instructors in this field, the app conveniently paves the way for a healthier lifestyle for the users.


With the easy-to-follow guides on meditation, the process of reducing stress level, controlling anxiety, improving sleep & fortifying your mental health becomes simple. Soothing voice and music while listening to bedtime stories make the whole experience fascinating and pull you into a magical fairyland. Ancient tales provide lots of knowledge and information besides helping to fall asleep.

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Calm Meditation with Sleep Sounds: White Noise iPhone App
Bedtime Reminder of Sleep Sounds: White Noise iPhone App

Bedtime Reminder for Sleep Habit

Bedtime reminders persuade us to follow specific times to go to bed. Set up a reminder, and the app will let you know when to sleep.


It’s a great way to ensure that you maintain the sleep schedule even when you get distracted by social media or video streaming sites that keep you awake for a significant amount of time. Also, you can start your day with your preferred sound and music. Unpleasant ringtones won’t annoy you in the morning anymore. The app has a tremendous collection of inceptive songs and instrumental music for your alarm.

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Compose and Mix Melodies

Compose melodies to suit your mood at any given time by mixing & matching various prerecorded tune samples. Choose your favorite instrument from an orchestra or pick soothing tunes like ASMR, ambient sound, noise, melody, white noise to create your ideal psychedelic soundscape to keep your anxiety at bay & elevate your mind to a tranquil state. You don’t need to rely on other’s music when you can create your own.
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Sleep Sound Music Composer with Sleep Sounds: White Noise iPhone App

App Features

Sleek & Intuitive Design

Sleek & Intuitive Design

Easy-to-understand & smartly designed interface makes the users feel relaxed from the get-go & prepares them to get lost in the enchanting world of music.
Bedtime Stories


Let your kids cherish the magical moments of fairy tales by choosing & listening from a massive collection of bedtime sleep stories.
Bedtime Reminder

Bedtime Reminder

Bedtime reminder helps to fall asleep in a fixed time. Make an ideal sleeping routine for mental growth and physical wellness. Never miss the clock and wake up late.
Create Your Own Mix

Create Your Own Mix

The music composing feature lets you arrange and compose music by choosing and mixing from countless prerecorded melody samples to create your personal noisescape.
Music Recommendation

Music Recommendation

The app surfaces recommendations based on the existing taste of the users. Discover new music daily to keep the experience refreshing.
Background Animation

Background Animation

Visually pleasing background animation of waterfall, sea, campfire keeps running while playing the sleeping music to maintain the harmony between nature and listener.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I grew some serious insomnia after my breakup with my girlfriend. This was affecting my profession. Then I installed Sleep sounds & white noise on my iPhone a few months ago. The relaxing sounds and various deep sleep boosters worked like a tonic for me.

Best rating for iOS apps
Anna Miller

I’ve had trouble falling asleep lately. With this sleep aid app, I was able to deep sleep fast. This app gave me a variety of white noise, ocean sounds and, nice bedtime stories for relaxing sounds. Insomnia is a thing of the past with this app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Lisa Jackson

Being lifelong friends with insomnia, this sleep music & white noise app helped me cure and get deep sleep more regularly. Its sleep meditation features, sleep sounds, and ambient noise really creates the mood for a quick nap or to fall asleep fast.

Best rating for iOS apps
Hayley Curtin

As someone who’s a light sleeper & often faces trouble falling asleep, this white noise & deep sleep music app has been a lifesaver. I just turn on the relaxing sounds or ambient noise & it helps me to fall asleep. I can’t imagine not using this app anymore.

Best rating for iOS apps
Melyssa Grimes

I was under a lot of stress at work, and it affected my Sleep. But this Sleep sounds app has been a lifesaver. Its sleep meditation music, bedtime stories, and white noise sound let me sleep in no time. It’s a great app, and I highly recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Ellia Clarke

Sleep Sounds & White Noise for iPhone

Sleep Sounds: White Noise Premium Features

Premium Features of Sleep Sounds & White Noise

  • Tons of sound effects and background music
  • Sleep stories from famous ancient novels and rhymes
  • Detailed guides on anxiety, focus and sleep for beginners
  • Animated background and recommendation for users
  • Sleeping time-reminder and alarm feature with preferred music
  • Custom music with natural, musical, and abstract sound effects
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Frequently Asked

What is Sleep Sound & White Noise app?
Sleep sound helps you to get a sound sleep. The app is designed for people who search for how to sleep fast now and cannot have enough sleep at night. Often people have insomnia or other tension that keeps them awake. Sleep Sound & White Noise offers various tranquilizing music, sound effects, and meditation guide to help them fall asleep.
How can meditation and sleeping music help you?
Meditation is beneficial for health and the mind. During work hours, we handle many pressures and deal with a considerable amount of indecision and tiredness. Meditation helps us to overcome that mess and bring focus to manage everything in a relaxed mind. This app has a good collection of meditation and sleep music.
Why do I need a bedtime reminder?
Bedtime reminder is a feature that helps you to maintain a sleep habit. If you cannot maintain a fixed time for your sleep, bedtime reminders will remind you of the predestined sleeping time. Sleep Sound & White Noise allows you to use your favorite music as a reminder or alarm tone. Start your morning with freshness via the alarm.
How to use the Music Compose feature?
Composer is a unique feature of this app. Find hundreds of sound effects and music of city, nature, animals, melodies of instruments in the composer menu. Choose the prerecorded samples and mix them as you like. This feature is perfect for those who want to create their own tunes & fall asleep listening to them.
What kind of natural sounds are available in this app?
Our Sleep Sounds app boasts quite an extensive collection of tunes & sounds. Natural sounds from the rain forest, lake, river, ocean, fountain, desert, parks, and lots more are included in the app to give the users a dilemma-free experience to hike in! Stay connected with nature even when you are home by using our app.
Are the stories for adults only?
The app makes it easier for your kids to hear stories. A rich number of fairy tale stories are included, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Myths of The Baby Dragon, etc. There are stories for grown-ups too. Explicit contents are filtered in the app. So, use the app freely with all the family members.

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