Best Translator App for iPhone & iPad

Best Translator App for iPhone & iPad

Let’s imagine a scenario. You are in Spain for a vacation, but you don’t know Spanish. It is necessary to carry out conversations with locals. So, how will you manage? Is hiring an interpreter feasible all the time. How about a clever little language interpreter app on your iPhone and iPad that does the same job in real-time? Introducing Translator : Translate Voice. The Translator app uses an intelligent speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion process in real-time. The integrated AI process identifies pronunciation into an understandable dialect for a more accurate interpretation result.


Whether English to Spanish, Russian to English, or any other languages you can think of, Translator app accurately interprets foreign languages. This clever app works live on your iPhone device. If you are a traveler, downloading this app can unbind you from the language barrier. This app translates accurately at the word and alphabetical levels to enrich the global communication process. The smart tools from this app can recognize and translate multiple languages from variable local accents and tones.


Translator app uses an intelligent speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion process in real-time. The integrated AI process identifies pronunciation into an understandable dialect for a more accurate interpretation result. This app can provide an immediate response like a native or bilingual person on the go. Verbal interactions with foreigners and tribes are no big deal anymore when you have this app on your phone. Translator app features:
  • An easy, intuitive, and straightforward user interface for smooth surfing.
  • Quick and real-time translation to save your time.
  • Tap once and copy the translated text from the text box context.
  • Supports more than 90 languages from many countries and regions.
  • Voice translation in comfortable voices facilitates listening to any translated context.
  • Translation history feature to re-check any previous actions to reuse.
  • 15+ phrases and preset templates for different communicative situations that help during traveling, phone calls, meetings, bargaining, texting, dating, etc.

Core Functionality

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Simple and Intuitive Design

The app comes with an eye-pleasing and straightforward user interface to assist its users. The simple UI helps you select, copy, and interpret texts without any diversions. You can revert and switch languages with just a click.


The language list is alphabetically ordered, so you can easily find them by browsing the lists. Translate unlimited texts or voice commands with the app. Watch the translation history to practice and memorize any popular terms and phrases.

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Rich Dictionary and Language

90+ languages are available in the app. Easily translate from English to Spanish, English to Italian, Russian to English, English to Japanese, Japanese to English, English to German, and many languages. You can use this app for interpreting Chinese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, and other widely spoken languages using this specialized language translator app.
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Extensive language collection
Instant copy and translation

Instant Copy and Translate

Translator : Translate Voice app for iPhone and iPad gives you quick and easy access to the text to copy feature. The app has one-tap copy functionalities to copy the paragraph on the text box which saves you time.


If you want to copy a part of your text, that is also possible with our intelligent app. Select the text manually from the text boxes and touch to copy. However, the one-tap copy is more reliable to work in social media communication and study purposes.

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Voice Translation and Phrase

When you are in a crowd or carrying a lot of luggage, pronounce in your native voice, and rest will be done instantly. The app presents a high-quality clear voice to listen to. Access phrases both in online and offline mode.


The voice translator offers real-time and accurate translation to carry out a natural conversation. The app Listens to each sentence and identifies as a professional in person. This app is reliable for any business, educational or real-life purposes.

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Voice Translation Feature

App Features

Quick Translate Response with Translator App for iPhone


Quick translations help you translate any speech or text in less time so that you can focus more during a long conversation with your foreign friends or colleagues.
Automatic Phrases with Translator App for iPhone & iPad


Preset questionnaires act as a helpful list of templets of basic dialogues. The app has common questions in 15 situations.
Text-to-speech Audio Translation feature with Translator App for iPhone & iPad


Text-to-speech engines allow users to hear the texts in a realistic way when they cannot read the text. This feature is essential in suburban areas.
Copy and Paste Feature for Translator App for iPhone & iPad

Copy and

Copying and pasting are essential to write an article about anything. The app offered to copy the text with one tap and made the writing process more manageable
Large Dictionary of 100 languages with Translator App for iPhone


More collections mean more options to translate for better usability. Translator has a vocabulary of 100 languages to translate from one to another for universal use.
Find all translation history of Translator App for iPhone


The history option stores all the user-translations and provides easy access to find any necessary detail or reusable words and phrases.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I am bilingual so the Translator app was a huge help for English to Spanish. It is easy to navigate and instantly translates text to speech I record with a built in mic. The reverse translation from Spanish to English is the best Spanish translator.

Best rating for iOS apps
Carlos Dominguez

First of all, this app is great because I was able to translate English to the Spanish language during a holiday. It also has a voice translator for speech to speech or speech to text translations. As a result, I would strongly suggest this best translation app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Sam Davis

This is the best language translator app out there. I was able to learn French using the English to French translation option. It also has an offline collection of English to french phrases. You can quickly learn a new language with this translation app, and I would recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Thomas Lopez

This translator app deserves a 5 stars as it saved my days on my last japan trip in Kotohira. The local language recognition process of this app is simply superb and the responses are swift. Overall, I find this app as the best language translator app in the market.

Best rating for iOS apps
Linda Chang

I’ve been working in Europe for 2 years & it requires dealing with people in France, Italy & Spain. I can’t stress enough how greatly this translator app has helped me with French translation, Italian translation & English to Spanish texts. Essential app!

Best rating for iOS apps
Jasper Matthias
Phrasebook Feature with Translator for iPhone & iPad

Premium Features

  • Instant translations during live conversations
  • One tap to copy the translated text
  • Get access to more than 90 different languages.
  • More efficient voice and accent recognition
  • You can listen to translations instantly during conversation.
  • More preset translation templets that provides instant help in needs
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Frequently Asked

Why do I need a Translator?
A Translator is a valuable tool for your everyday needs. Whether for business or travel, having a translator is like an asset which not only helps you learn a new language but also to communicate while traveling abroad. With a translator, you can communicate freely with just about anyone from any background.
Can I translate discord voice on the app?
No, this Translator app works with your voice. You can speak anything you desire in your native language, and the app will automatically translate it for you with precision so you won’t have to. It supports plain spoken context in a live scenario. For discord functionalities, you need an app integration.
How to use text to speech on the Translator?
Once you’re on the translation screen, a microphone symbol will appear. The app features a one-tap option to speak in your language of choice, which then provides translations in your preferred language. If this does not work, click on the microphone icon on your keyboard, and the text will convert itself into speech.
Can I translate French and Spanish?
You can translate to over 90 languages from around the world with this app. French and Spanish are one of the many languages available on the provided language list. Feel free to talk and write with your French or Spanish-speaking friends using Spanish and French translations and impress them you’re your new skills.
Is Translator supported on iPad?
Yes, the Translator app is available on both iPad and iPhone. Enjoy full-featured experiences on your iPad device without experiencing any distortion or quality loss. Using Translator is just as easy to operate on an iPad as it is on iPhone. When using an iPad, enjoy larger displays and more screen real estate to multi-task with all your translation needs.

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