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About Video Editor App for iPhone & iPad

Video Editor for iPhone & iPad is the ideal app to edit, trim videos and add background music to your clips. Streamlined features that are tailored for a comprehensive video editing experience, provide you with the platform to unleash your inner filmmaking creativity. Adding dramatic effects to your videos on the fly has never been this easier.


The powerful video editing tools of this app are uncompromising yet straightforward in their performances. It’s essentially a free video editor packed with multiple features. You can add audio to your videos and give your videos a new attire.


Tell a story by adapting your own video. The pocket for creativity is unlimited here. Revise, polish, and reorganize the media content to create the perfect video clip using this awesome video editing app for iPhone. Trim to keep the portions you want by using our built-in video cutter.


Make a music video directly using tracks from iTunes Music with one of the best audio mixers. You can either insert music into a video or give a voiceover to mix things up. There’s close to no limit to what you can do with videos using this app as it offers you limitless personalizations.

Core Functionality

Video trimming with Video Editor for iPhone & iPad

Video Trimmer

The Video Editor app comes with a video trimmer that allows you to cut unwanted portions of your clips anywhere. You can use the app as a split end trimmer to get rid of excess bits starting from the beginning to the end of your movie. And not only recorded ones, but it’s also possible to edit other videos from your gallery according to your needs. This app offers the best video trimmer feature for a tailored editing experience.
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Control the Audio

Video Editor for iPhone does not stop at videos as it comes with an effective audio editing option. You can put tracks from your library or use recorded sounds in your videos. Select the desired audio, drag to keep the optimum portion, and release to use it on the video. Make use of the Fade-in and out option alongside the “Loop” feature to implement a track. The simple yet practical use of editing makes the app one of the best audio editors for your iPhone.
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Audio editing with Video Editor for iPhone & iPad
Audio and Video Mixing with Video Editor for iPhone & iPad

Add Music to Videos

One of the coolest features of this Video Editor is the ability to insert background music for videos. You can download music for videos to join with or access your song library to insert audio. That’s not all; you can also record voice with the app and add the recorded file to your videos. Just open the videos to edit, tap the “add music” button and select your soundtrack. The voiceover function is on the same page as the app from where you can input your transmission.
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Instant capturing and sharing

Shoot mindblowing videos and edit your media content with full professionalism. Next, add melody to your little movie and then showcase the end product to your friends and family online. Try fast accessing social platforms using the share facility on the app. Because now it’s finally the time to flourish with your creation before the world.
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Instant capture and share with Video Editor for iPhone & iPad

App Features

Trim and Cut Video On iPhone

Trim and Cut Video

Trim a video by merely accessing the app and opening the video. Drag to keep the preferred parts and save afterward
Crop to Rescale

Use Tracks from Library or iTunes

The app gives its users the freedom to directly use music tracks from either iTunes or the device library.
Trim audio feature of video editor app for iPhone

Trim Audio For Video Playback

Keep the audio portion you want using the app’s audio editing feature. Clip sounds to make it a better suit for your video.
Record Audio to Video

Add Voiceovers For Your Video

Insert voiceovers in videos by recording your own voice to make personalized movies.
Share with Friends

Share With Friends

Save your movies and edited videos to share with friends and family through the inbuilt sharing option
Add Background Music

Add Background Music

Easily insert music from libraries using the audio merger option to tweak up the impression of your movie.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

I was looking for a beginner-level video editing app when I came upon this one, with video trimmer tool, crop video, and such features. This app has delivered all of it and then some. A complete package for beginner to expert level video editors.

Best rating for iOS apps
Ryan Oliveira

It’s the best video editor app I have used so far. This app has a video trimmer to cut unwanted clips and a feature to add music to videos. So, I can now make professional videos with relative ease. I would highly encourage you all to use this app.

Best rating for iOS apps
William Silva

I came across this amazing video editing app when I needed to do some videos for my video editors class. I found the video trimmer options very user friendly. It was easy to make a crop video. Even newbies like me had no issues with advanced edits.

Best rating for iOS apps
Harry Mitchell

I do simple video editing from time to time & this is the best video editor I’ve come across so far. This is an excellent video cropper & video trimmer app. I can even add audio to my video files easily. Saved up a lot of my time. Recommended!

Best rating for iOS apps
Emmerich Kraus

Being a professional video editor, I have used this video editing app on my iPhone 11. I think it’s a fair deal. It has video editors, and video trimmer options. The video trimmer works smoothly. It can crop video and audio files separately.

Best rating for iOS apps
Pravu Reddi

Premium Features

Video Editor for iPhone & iPad Premium Features

Premium features:

  • Cut video files to keep the necessary sections
  • Insert music directly from the library
  • Record voice and add audio to your videos
  • Save edited videos and share between devices and
    social media
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Frequently Asked

What is the best video editor for iPhone?
Video Editor is the best video editing app for iPhone. It allows the user to trim and add music to the clips. The app has an excellent rating from real-time users due to some of its unique yet useful features. For instance, the app provides all the basic tools to frame your video content which is in an unknown resolution of shape. Moreover, the cropping option allows users to polish out the excess portion of the video which are not needed. In addition to that, this app can slice out the audio content from the video separately, so that you can reedit or modify the audio file and re-caliber it with the video content.
How can I edit videos on my iPhone for free?
You can download the Video Editor for iPhone for free and can start editing videos on your phone. The iOS app is truly a champ when it comes to editing videos and audios. Using this app you can create short movies and can provide dramatic effects and music playbacks just using your iPhone. Most importantly, the app comes with a comprehensive collection of tools that work perfectly when you are tuning and enhancing your video content. Lastly, once editing is done, you can save or share your final product with peers right from this app.
How do you edit YouTube videos for free?
Download YouTube videos and access them through the video editor app to edit. It is simple and easy to use. All you need is a third-party youtube video downloader to download the content of your preference from youtube. When the contents are in your device storage, you can open that video using the video recorder app and can carry out all types of configuring and tweaking process that way you want.
How do you trim a video?
With Video Editor app trimming video is super easy and fun. For shortening a media file you first need to open the video you want to modify. After that, you have to go to the video editing option where you will find the toggle bar. Drag the toggle bar to select the portion of the video you want to trim off from the necessary portion. Trim out portions and keep the needed segment of the video and save your modifications.
How do you add background music to a video?
Add background audios or songs for videos directly from the phone’s library using the video editor app. The process is easy. Once you put a video on the app, you can slice the audio portion and edit it separately. In the app, you will get a separate module where you can get the playback audio for trimming and editing. Trim it, or even better, you can adjust and add a separate audio track from your audio library and configure it to your video using this cool video editing app.

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