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About VPN App for iPhone & iPad

VPN is a top-notch virtual private network app that gives you unlimited access to the internet. It allows you to enjoy private internet access using a proxy server across the world. If you are looking for a secure server to browse with an anonymous identity, VPN can be the right choice for you.


How to get faster internet for free using this app? VPN routes you through multiple servers across the internet. Therefore, with a VPN, you can now browse anything on the internet. Consequently, you can enjoy any websites and media streams from Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, and other media sites with ease.


Private browsing will no longer be an issue when you have this app on your iPhone. The app integrates full encryption technology to ensure privacy guards. All you have to do is open this application and hide the IP address instantly.


So, what makes VPN special?

  • One tap to enjoy private internet access
  • Best VPN to hide IP address
  • No login or signup needed
  • Fully optimal servers worldwide
  • Encrypted and secured connection on WiFi
  • Fastest connection with no packet loss

Core Functionality

One-touch vpn connection for iPhone

Instant access

VPN is an on-the-go app. The app stays in standby mode once started. Open it with one touch. Clicking on the connect button immediately gives access to the nearest optimal server and starts working.
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Hide IP and Location

If security is your main concern, hide your location for secure browsing and to protect your identity. VPN does not compromise with secrecy and does not share any user data with anyone. The encrypted contents are not traceable.
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Hide IP and Location with VPN for iPhone & iPad
Unblock Blocked Websites with VPN for iPhone & iPad

Unlimited Internet Access

VPN app lets you experience the freedom of internet anytime and anywhere. Anonymously browse any websites and stream on YouTube, Facebook and more. Enjoy movies, TV shows and other content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime seamlessly with this VPN app.
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App Features

Online Privacy and Security App for iPhone

Online Privacy and Security

Wondering how to encrypt online activity? VPN ensures security online by providing a secure browsing pathway.
Lock Videos with VPN for iPhone & iPad App

Hotspot Shield

The hotspot shield keeps you protected from unauthorized foreign entities while surfing the web on a public server.
Global VPN Servers with VPN App for iPhone & iPad

Global VPN Servers

Proxy servers are used worldwide. VPN allows users from all over the world to get optimal access despite their location and network limitation.
Free from tracking by using VPN App for iPhone & iPad

Free from

Be anonymous when browsing through the internet using VPN and set yourself free from ISP scrutiny.
Cloud Import with VPN App for iPhone & iPad

Unlimited Bandwitdh

Enjoy interruption-free download experiences. VPN boosts your internet speed and ensures that your connection never drops.
Get Fastest speed & low latency connection VPN App for iPhone & iPad

Fastest speed & low latency

Take advantage of low latency high-speed VPN when playing online games or streaming on Twitch from your iPhone.
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User Reviews

These reviews are from the user’s mouth not from App Store

If you are looking for the best VPN app in town, then I will definitely suggest this one before others. Yes it is a premium app but so are its functionalities. The app effectively hides my IP address while giving me a total unrestricted internet surfing facility. Heil to this awesomely faster VPN app.

Best rating for iOS apps
Samuel johnson

This is the best VPN I’ve used so far for my iPhone. I’ve been looking for a faster VPN to hide my IP address as I travel a lot & can’t watch my favorite TV shows & movies because they get geo-blocked. This app has been a lifesaver for me.

Best rating for iOS apps
Patrick Daniels

I installed this VPN app to unblock geo-restricted content from platforms such as Netflix. This app hides my IP address with the help of multiple global proxy servers. So, I can now access all sorts of content, thanks to this best VPN service. Highly recommend it.

Best rating for iOS apps
Charles Sanchez

It successfully hides my IP and provides an amazing anonymous browsing experience. I could easily access country-restricted sites on the internet with its private proxy service. Definitely the best VPN app I’ve used so far. Recommended.

Best rating for iOS apps
Thomas Neustadt

VPN to me is really important for today’s dark web. That’s why I chose this VPN app as it gives me the most secure encryption and privacy. Also, with no login or sign up needed, this app makes it super easy to auto-connect each time.

Best rating for iOS apps
Jack Meadows

VPN Premium

VPN for iPhone & iPad Premium Features

Premium Features

  • Global server access from each country
  • Hotspot shield and firewall protection
  • No need for manual setup or login
  • Anonymous proxy servers and stable connection
  • IPsec VPN protocol for increased security
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Frequently Asked

What is VPN?
A VPN (virtual private network) is a system app that creates a digital tunnel for sending and receiving all types of internet data. VPN helps any user to hide identity and location. It protects data and saves it from getting leaked anywhere. With VPN, security is never compromised; enjoy browsing the web restriction-free.
Does VPN make connection slower?
No, a quality VPN app for iPhone such as VPN never makes your phone or internet connection any slower. Moreover, you can get a faster link on specific sites if it suffers any problems with your ISP or upstream. Sites with high traffic may be accessed faster using low-traffic routes.
Will VPN keep my data?
No, our VPN app will never keep your data. We don’t store standard user data because the privacy of our users is always a top priority. Please read our complete privacy statement in the app for more detailed information.
Can I hide passwords with VPN?
Yes, you can. Usually, when you type passwords, they go as standard recoverable text. But VPN lets you encrypt all the data you send, so passwords are not recoverable once entered. With VPN, passwords have no chance of being leaked or hacked. Create and edit as many passwords as you want without the worry of passwords being tampered with.
What can I access with VPN?
You can browse any websites, web platforms, photo and video content, and proxy addresses via VPN. One-click on the app helps you set up a new VPN. Enjoy contents on streaming platforms like Netflix, and Hulu with ease.

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